The actual play-by-post game will be played in the Play-by-Post section of this site.

Every time your character speaks, moves, or initiates any other action you must create a new post in the Adventure Log.

You must make sure that the date and time on your computer is set properly or you will have to manually enter the date and time of the post. This is very important as the post will be displayed based on the date and time it is entered.

The comments section of each post will be used solely for out of character discussion including discussions with the DM, comments from other players, comments from other non-players, or any other discussion that would interrupt the flow of play.

The First Post in the Play-by-Post section gives a detailed instruction on how to make a post. While the Posting tab below lists some of the formatting options to be used when posting.


Each player will be responsible for coming up with a visual theme for their character. It can be as simple as always using the same font to a complicated header and footer with a character portrait.

Wild_Gazebo will help create the CSS code needed to create shortened code to display the individuality of each character so that the player doesn’t have to always repeat a large amount of coding. Simple is actually better; but, creating a distinct character is the most important.

Here are some examples of some previous character themes.


It is important to choose a font that is recognizable when bolded or italicized.

Normal text (without formatting) will always be used for descriptive actions.

Ssibliss slowly walks over to the edge of the cliff and peers down at the assembled army. He then meticulously counts how many soldiers they have before heading back to the camp.

Italic text will always be used for internal thoughts not shared with the party.

Trudging back to the camp at a measured pace Ssibliss can’t help thinking, how are we supposed to defeat that many knights? We only have two knights…and they really aren’t that great at fighting. Shaking his head to dust the unpleasant thoughts out of his brain, Ssibliss, doubles his pace determined to find a way.

Block indented italics (using the quote button from the menu) will be used for all speech spoken out loud.

In order to use the block quote properly you must enter after your <div class=""> code. Then type as normal. When you get to the spoken part hit the button up top with the little speech window and a bq). will show. Everything after that is block quote. This will only work for one paragraph, so if it is more than one paragraph you will have to use another bq). . It also helps to have an empty line before and after the block quote.

Cocking his head to one side, Ssibliss can’t believe the insanity coming out of the commanders mouth.

Are you saying you want us to attack a camp with only ten men? That is ridiculous, they are over a hundred strong!

Shaking his head, he storms out of the tent in search for the rest of his party.

Bold text will be used for emphasizing a part of dialog or as headers for different sections of action involving initiative or players controlling more than one character.


Seeing the brigand rushing over the hill, he quickly steps behind the door. Looking back to make sure his companion is with him he says,

Fido. Attack!


Fido recognizing his master’s command looks at the charging man. Instantly, he barrels up the hill and pounces up at the attacker’s chest trying to knock him over. If the man isn’t subdued Fido will start biting until the man stops struggling.

All caps will be used for screaming or yelling in dialog.

Realizing that the ambush has been compromised Ssibliss turns back toward Sanguine Valley.


Turning to his standard bearer he intones

We’ll be lucky to get out of this one with our skins attached

With that he lays his spurs deep into his horses flank and charges down the hill back into the lush vale.

Displaying die rolls should be cut and pasted from the Obsidian Portal die roller in the fashion below with the label of the roll on top.

Cornered and disarmed Ssibliss refuses to let the green-skins get the better of him. Lashing out with his seldom used claws he rakes at the first goblin that gets close enough.

Attack Roll
Roll: d20+7
19 = 12[d20]+7

Damage Roll
Roll: d4+3
7 = 4[d4]+3

You didn’t think I was armed, did you? Come on you ugly little monsters!

Making sure he keeps his back against the wall he will continue to walk down the hall slashing out with his claws if one of them gets too close.


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