Game Play

General Housekeeping
  • If you have a spell please read how it works
  • If you have an animal companion or cast summon spells have the stats for the creatures
  • On-going protections or enchantments should be listed at the bottom of every post
  • Please keep track of your damage at the bottom of your posts

Here is an example

Kaspar fires his fireball into the unsuspecting crowd of goblins. Muttering to himself,

Why do I always have to kill the goblins…you never see the Barbarian kill any goblins…

With that, he turns back to his horse and stomps indignantly up to his saddle.

Roll: 8d6
33 = 5[d6]1[d6]6[d6]2[d6]6[d6]2[d6]6[d6]+5[d6]

Minutes of Stoneskin 65
Rounds of Armor 7
Current HP 35

Game Play

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