Character Creation

We are playing D&D 3.5 with only the Core Books. If you are unfamiliar with this game system you should apply a little bit of learning so as not to be caught up by the rules too much. There is a list of SRD links on the Home page which house all of the rules; though, it would be much easier if you had the Players Handbook.

Traditionally, in this world we have been using pre-generated characters specifically designed for the adventure: this is optional.

If pre-generated characters are not being used association needs to be determined with a back-story. The DM will not be responsible for creating a situation for the party to meet and start adventuring. The DM will create an adventure for an adventuring party.

Mandatory Story elements

  • A picture of your character (photo or painting)
  • A background write-up of at least one paragraph (may be much longer)
  • A birthplace (help can and will be given to those not familiar with the world)
  • Your connections to other members of the party
  • A descriptive paragraph (can include mannerisms and quotes)
  • A quick one sentence description
  • A list of motives or goals (at least one sentence)

Mandatory Game Mechanics

  • All equipment must be itemized (if it isn’t on your character you don’t have it)
  • If equipment isn’t being carried on your person the location must be listed
  • All spells memorized must be listed
  • All characters must be kept updated in the character section in Obsidian Portal using the D&D 3.5 Universal Sheet
  • Rolling ability scores: roll 4d6 dropping the lowest die six times and place them in any order.
  • The first HD is maxed for your hit points
  • We are using the 3.5 Players Handbook: any other books, or options, must be cleared by the DM.

New Play-by-Post Game

Okay, I’ll give you a quick synopsis of the environment and conditions your starting characters will be under and the beginning game specs to deal with.

  • Starting level: 5th
  • Starting equipment value: 4600gp (this may be spent on magic items at list price: not creation price)
  • You will be in a far north mountainous, or barren lands, environment.
  • You will be in an area where several barbaric tribes compete for resources and pride themselves on battling in hard harsh conditions—though we will start in a more civilized environment.
  • There is a long standing oral history within many of the tribes that says the tribes are the only thing that keeps the vicious hordes of Lodd (goblins, orcs, ogres, ect) at bay.
  • To this very day, many of the tribes have ceremonies and traditions that have the warriors strike out deep into the harsh passes of the Spinereach mountains to kill what ever they may find.


  • You should be human. You may choose the benefits of a half-orc or a half-elf and still be considered human. You will only have minor alterations to your appearance that won’t hinder you in any city. If you are human you should choose what type of climate you come from and your general appearance: this will dictate the type of human you are…there are 13.
  • If you want to be an elf you will be an outcast from the elven lands and a spectacle in human lands. You still gain all the elven benefits.
  • If you want to be a dwarf you will be from a cosmopolitan city and not one of the Dwarves of Carn who live under the mountain. You still gain the dwarven benefits. Most large human cities still forbid dwarves to bear arms within the city limits as per a long standing agreement centuries ago when the dwarves acted as artisan slaves. This is slowly changing as the dwarves have developed one of the strongest nations ever seen on the continent and are slowly sweeping West (think Romans)
  • Gnomes and Halflings are accepted all over the world in similar ways that tinkers and or gypsies are. There can be great accommodation or severe discrimination.


  • Traditionally druids, barbarians, socerers are the choice of more primitive cultures; while clerics, fighters, rogues, and wizards are typically from more urban areas. This is not in stone; but, should be considered in character creation should you want to cross the themes.
  • If you are choosing a divine caster stick with general themes: we will fill out any gods or orders after to fit the setting properly.
  • Don’t be afraid to make up orders or factions for your character to belong to: I love getting ideas from characters back-story to work into the game and flush out the world further.

Using the Site to Make a Character

  1. Okay. So. Head to the Characters tab on the menu bar above.
  2. Press the Create New Character button on the top right of the screen.
  3. Depending on your monitor resolution you might not see some of the dark text so I would periodically highlight the screen just to check to see if you missed anything.
  4. In the very first box on the top left of the Create New Character section hit the drob-box arrow and select D&D 3.5 Universal Sheet
  5. You will be unable to fill in your Character Name or your Player Name on the top of this new sheet because you will enter that info at the bottom.
  6. Simply click on the boxes you wish to enter your information (just like a paper sheet)a small white box will appear. Enter your info into that box and hit the OK button when done.
  7. You need to fill the light-blue boxes and you need to leave the white boxes (they will be auto filled for you).
  8. Scrolling down you will eventually get to the New Spells Section if you don’t use spells ignore it…if you do, click on whether you are a spontaneous caster (sorcerer), use spell books (wizard), or Domains (cleric and druid) then hit the +Add button on the right. If you make a mistake you can delete it with the -Remove button
  9. After the spells there is a Character Bio section: don’t type anything there…you need to fill it out lower down past the character sheet.
  10. Now you fill in your Name in the white box below the character sheet.
  11. Ignore the Slug/Wiki Link
  12. Check the box that asks Player Character?
  13. Add your one sentence description in the Quick Description box.
  14. Don’t enter anything in the Description (crunch) section: leave it blank.
  15. In the Biography (fluff) section you will write your descriptive paragraph, your back-story paragraph, your goals or motives, and where you were born. This will fill in the section on the character sheet. On the bottom of this section if you have a familiar or a animal companion please enter its stats here.
  16. Then ignore all other boxes and scroll down to the very bottom of the page and press the Create button on the bottom left.
  17. It will now display a pretty character sheet. You may go in and edit it at any time by pressing the Edit button.
  18. We aren’t done. Now you need to hit the Edit button scroll down the page until you see the Update Image section hit the Choose File button and grab a picture you want to use as your character portrait: please put some thought into it.
  19. Now hit the Upload button and we are all done!!

Character Creation

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