Meta Ruins of Myvolia

T 'Alen - To the widdows house

hmm druids, i wonder how they work...

Despite the impending doom at the hands of the undead horde T ‘Alen can’t help but stare at this wondrous being before him.

Tales and Legends have been written and passed down about beings capable of taking the form of creatures of nature, long have we thought these were mere myths in the south. To behold your change from one form to another strikes me with awe. I had thought such changes were possible only through Wizardry or Sorcery. Mayhaps i will have to return to the studies set to me by Liberious my mentor about the old religions when this time of turmoil and strife has ended.

T ’Alen looks around the room at his brethren

Who will join me in fetching the widow to our aid?


I will put the Wiki page for the Order of the Sacred Oak on the Ruins of Myvolia main page under the Factions section. T’alen would not likely have heard much about this specific sect, but may have heard stories about druids more generally.

T 'Alen - To the widdows house
Wild_Gazebo banelor

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