Meta Ruins of Myvolia

T 'Alen - it might be time for a tactical regrouping

When T ’Alen reaches the druids side he thrusts a hand towards the Wight on the left shouting arcane words of power as three magic darts fly towards their target in streaks of silver light.

It may be time to tactically regroup near the church, we seem to be standing on a field of pitch and oil waiting to ignite. Just thought you should know.

T ’Alen shouts to the men near them to close up and create a defensive wall to meet the Wights from the house.

Magic missile 1: [d4+1] = 4
Magic missile 2: [d4+1] = 4
Magic missile 3: [d4+1] = 4


Wild_Gazebo banelor

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