Meta Ruins of Myvolia

T 'Alen - Aftermath - Things just don't add up

T ‘Alen backs away from the impromptu pyre looking around taking in the carnage, the smell of charred rotting flesh, the screams of the fallen, the roar of anger from the denizens who’s lives had been upended. The unchained rage of the northman finishing off the remaining shambling dead.

I thought there was supposed to be a horde of wights, this was not a horde. Dangerous yes, potential to create a much larger threat to the north, but not a horde.

What are we missing. would they have split their force to keep us occupied here while they went on to the next settlement to spread their vileness? or was this just a feint, with the main force coming at us when our guard is down.

T ’Alen races off to Brother Talton

Brother we need to speak. I have heard stories of members of faith being able to detect the energy that powers the walking dead, is this possible, and if so at what range can it be done? I fear this was merely a leading jab and that there is a larger force on the verge, just outside of our sight, waiting to roll over us in a wave of darkness when our guard has fallen from this victory. I for one do not want my soul doomed to an eternity of never touching the glory that is magic again. Please say you are able to detect them so we may prepare for their doom, or surge forth like one of Coras daggers into their heart, ending this threat once and for all.



Yes. I feel this was simply a test of our defenses. While I may pray for the divinations you have heard of their utility is limited in scope and duration. It might be useful for a scouting party; but, I prayed hard at down today for Pelor to give me the strength of a warrior…not a scout.

If it comes to a final stand I will consecrate the ground we stand on…so that our defiant deaths will rob these beasts of our souls…for mine is spoken for. So have comfort in that my friend.

Wild_Gazebo banelor

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