Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Matrim - Veniset Q&A

To arms Veniset, to arms!

The third arrow slams into Matrim’s target and the creature crumples to the ground. Matrim looks around the town square as Gregor’s shout rings through the blizzard. Upon inspection from the priests, the former farmer was indeed identified as a wight.

I apologize for my abruptness Captain, but I recognized the creature for what it was and reacted.

Talton’s voice raises above the howling wind and blinding snow, calling the villagers of Veniset to defense of their town. Captain Gregor extends his hand which Matrim grasps and he begins to apologize for his initial reaction. The words trail off as the screams from the church are heard throughout the town square. Matrim bellows his call once again.

To arms Veniset, to arms!!

Matrim nocks an arrow to his bow and rushes towards the church.

Quickly, is there any other way into the church? I will check with our rooftop lookouts to find out what they can or have seen.

Matrim will move as far as he can towards the closest ladder onto the roof of the church, searching for anymore signs of…un-life….around the town square.

Listen: 9(d20) + 10 = 19
Search: 19(d20) + 9 = 28
Spot: 12(d20) + 10 = 22


Wild_Gazebo zirmani

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