Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Cora - .....

As cora begins to pick the lock of the back door. Sudden she pauses the screaming strikes her deep. She held before and most of the town was lost and almost lost her friend.

What am I doing this town will be lost if I leave now!

Cora say quietly to herself and turns back. But what if with all this commotion it was to place the little girl inside to access the threat with in the city. She find a spot to get look at everyone in the church and begins to look to see if she can see this little girl in the crowd.

Move silently:
1d20+11= 29 -19(1d20)+11

1d20+6= 22 – 16(1d20)+6

I am doing this in the shadows by the way. I wont engage until I am satisfied that Nargash isn’t in the church or I see Terrance is trouble. Tell me if need to make different rolls or you can roll them.


Wild_Gazebo Wild_Gazebo

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