Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Blood in the Market Square

Veniset Market Square

The aching shriek of the blizzard is now accented with the deep curdling screams of death and the clattering of battle. The simple market square has devolved into a pulsating miasma of undeath creeping over the rim and spilling into the gentle town.

Most of the undead walk with a strange stilted gait while others seem to move with a supernatural fluidity…and deadly intent. The stumbling masses of walking corpses have climbed over the western barricade crashing into the quickly formed line of defence. The militiamen, to their great credit, fell in line at the command of T’alen and got a wave of arrows into the clawing mass of undeath before they breached the defences. While the northern barricade remains intact as two guardsmen and two militiamen fight hard against their fear and stand their ground on the top of the barrier. A steady rain of arrows drops from the wind-torn sky into the onrushing forces of death care of the hearty souls on the rooftops.

Western Barricade

Nothing but a mass of moving bodies can be made out in the blowing blizzard. Friend and foe is mostly distinguished by west and east except for those brief seconds of a lull that flash the horror for everyone to see. Those brief flashes of the battlefield come almost as a waking dream; but, must be acted upon succinctly.

As the mass of undead clambered over the barrier the militiamen, with bows trained, manage to down two of the attacking creatures who simply crumple adding to the flotsam of the barrier. The singularly dangerous looking spirit on the northern end of the barrier jumped over the logs with ease and immediately engaged the first militiaman in his path. Lornaal sensing the sheer danger of the creature looses one of his spears directly into the chest of the beast. Three glowing magical darts sheer through the snow ridden night to bombard the creature a second time, a gift from T’alen. A look of sheer malevolence decorates the spirit’s face as he grasps the militiaman’s arm and starts draining the young man…seemingly giving the spirit more strength.

The loggers, with great bellowing war cries, are charging the wall with axes held high and fur coats flailing in the wind. The rest of the unposted militiamen fall in and guardsmen and militiamen alike battle the creatures at the wall. Alma, just a step behind the action, has raised his arcane defenses while Talton bestowed upon the Cyonian warrior the benefit of Death Ward…to keep his soul intact as he rushes into the battle.
Cora, silently watching what little she can see through the gusts of clear air, must listen to the horrors of battle unfold without the distinct knowledge of what force is winning and which is losing. It is apparent the one creature holding back is simply watching: why you are unsure. Perhaps this is just a test, perhaps this creature is a coward, perhaps he has a darker purpose or plan…the possibilities are uncomfortable limitless.

The Northern Barrier

A crush of bodies rush in to hold the smaller northern barricade. Matrim, atop the church, runs up to the peak on the northern side to get the best view: unleashing two arrows into what appears to be the leader of the charge, a smooth moving creature on the western flank. Arrows rain from all directions as guardsmen and militiamen lob shots over the barricade as well as at the top row of combatants. The clash is vicious as guards and militia alike take down the front row of attackers in concert with the arrows raining from the wind-torn night. But the clash isn’t without casualty as the two front guards and militia succumb to the battling of the rancorous creatures.
Sebastian and Terrence both take aim at the wight, now at the top of the barrier riddling it with arrows. Six arrows spring from the torso of the beast as he bellows in rage and throws a militiaman off the top of the barricade feeding off the fallen villager’s soul to sustain his undeath even further. Talton after bestowing the death ward onto Alma turns back and faces the wall holding his holy symbol and getting ready to charge up into the breach.

Posts due by 5:00 pm Wednesday the 22nd of January. The quicker the posts come the more likely I will choose to give ‘comment’ responses that will sometimes supply bonus actions similar to surprise rounds. That is how T’alen and Lornaal engaged in combat so quickly last round.


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