Meta Ruins of Myvolia

A Night in Veniset 6

Here, the dead

Veniset: The Town Square

The screams from within the church prompt immediate, and in some cases panicked, action from the men of the village militia and the members of the Company of the Manticore. Those closest to the main doors of the church spring forward, pulling in vain at the iron rings of the barred wooden doors.

Responding to Matrim’s calls the men manning the ramshackle bridges and the roofs of the buildings (including two men on the church roof itself) respond that they see no signs of attackers in the streets beyond, nor can they see through the narrow windows set high in the walls of the church.

As he runs towards a ladder that will take him to the bridge closest to the church, Matrim carefully observes those around him, desperate for signs of any other attacker in their midst. He sees no signs of un-death amongst those he passes, but judging from how well they have hidden amidst them so far, he can not be certain.

Talton, flanked by Father Sim and Captain Gregor charges towards the front of the church, rushing up the steps and pushing through members of the militia who scream in vain at those struggling to open the doors.

Veniset: The Church

Unsure what to do, Terrence leaps onto the pew to get a view of the village militia men desperately doing battle with the wight. His plans to disappear into the night hang in tatters before him. The women and children surge towards the front of the church, hindering two of the guards who are pushing through the crush, trying to get into the fight.

The Lumber Camp

Reacting quickly to the appearance of the undead, Alma rushes past the cowed loggers and barrels straight into the rough boards of the burning building. Crashing through the wall, he stumbles into the pens, feeling about in the sudden dark to open the stall doors of the dozen or so large draft horses that crowd into the room.

Lornaal, hearing Alma’s shouted words pulls his spear from the chest of a dead logger and stalks towards the approaching undead, his growling challenges rumbling in the howling wind.

Cora, scrambling up the wall and onto the raised balcony you perch yourself in the shadows and scan the women and children pushing their way along the main aisle and in some cases over the backs of the pews. There must be a hundred people down there, all of them pressed together in one big screaming mob! Nargash, in the guise of the girl doesn’t appear to be amongst them, though.


Alma will continue with his actions from previous post. If the Loggers aren’t listening he will repeat his Shouts to ride hard to Viniset.

A Night in Veniset 6

Trev, you did see that Talton cast a Consecrate spell…right?

A Night in Veniset 6

Matrim will continue on his course of action in reaching the ladder and the rooftop…unless he spots anything suspicious.

A Night in Veniset 6
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