Meta Ruins of Myvolia

A night in Veniset 1.0

The rogue has gone rogue


From your hiding place you watch as the Company files into the building across the square with several of the locals. You huddle back into the crotch of the chimney, trying to shelter from the worst of the howling wind and driving snow. From time to time a local emerges from the building-which you guess to be some kind of meeting hall-and hastens away on an errand.

Next to the building, seemingly unbothered by the near blizzard conditions, Lornaal stands with his spear in hand. The northman is restless. You understand the feeling.

When Alma strides from the door into the square the big Thent moves to stand beside him. Together they are impressive warriors, both large and powerfully built and each armed with heavy weapons. Either of them are suited to chewing their way through multiple enemies. Surely they will prove critical in the coming battle. It is with surprise then that you see Alma mount a horse and with Lornaal on foot follow a local man wrapped in heavy furs west out of town. It is frustrating not knowing what stratagems are being discussed, but you hope that Matrim and Sebastian will come to the sensible choice of defending a small area in the village rather than seek out your enemies in the woods.

A few moments later Terrence and Talton emerge from the building, following a man in the simple robes of a Lucidian priest. Together they scuttle across the wind-blasted square and enter the front doors of the large stone church.

Feeling that this is a good opportunity to seek Terrence alone, you slither from your perch, dropping into an alley and dart across the street to the back of the church. The building is made of thick granite coloured by lichen and moss. Cedar shingles cover the roof and appear to be in good repair. The narrow windows are set high in the wall and would be difficult even for one of your stature to wriggle through. They are shuttered against the cold in any event.

On the back wall, recessed into the stone is a sturdy-looking oak door banded in iron. It is locked. Drawing forth your picks you work but a moment at the mechanism before silently opening the door and drifting into the church, being careful to close and lock the door behind you.

As you wait for your eyes to adjust to the dimness of the church you hear the voice of the priest echoing off of the walls. Creeping forth you see him standing with Terrence and Talton before an door that opens onto a set of narrow steps leading into the bowels of the church. The young vicar takes a candle from the dozen or so that burn on the alter and leads the way down the steps.

From the shadows you watch your companions descend from sight. You try to decide how best to get a message or a private word to Terrance. This seems to be as good a time as any.

Pick Locks: 18(d20) = 8 = 26, successful

Cora s hiding spot


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