Gregor Lavery

A brawny Ulnoran with a brawlers face and a gap-toothed smile


Gregor is a tall Ulnoran in his late twenties. He has obviously seen some combat as attested to by a number of scars that criss cross his arms and face and a nose that has been broken several times in the past.

While there is normally a good-natured grin plastered on his face, Gregor is fierce on the battle field. He wields a battle axe, wading into opponents with mighty two-handed swings. For protection he wears a chain shirt that he meticulously maintains.


Gregor has long roots in Veniset. His family was among the first Ulnorans to penetrate into the Northreach of Parlone. They settled in Veniset when the village was wrested from the Brauman who previously inhabited it over three hundred years ago.

A restless lad, Gregor travelled for a time, joining a mercenary company and seeing some combat in the Prax Wars. When he returned home, though, he had little to show for his time away but a few scars and a prowess in battle (though some rumour he also brought back a venereal disease from Thrayce). Upon returning Gregor began farming his father’s land until the old man passed away and Gregor inherited it for himself.

He married the first girl he got pregnant and soon whelped a litter of children on her. Because of his usually good nature and his unmistakable ferocity in battle, the village council named him captain of the village miltia.

Gregor Lavery

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