Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Those sneaky bastards!!!

Talton springs immediately back to the church as he recognizes the danger. Running as fast as he can to get to the door, he realizes he is moving too slow in the howling storm and stops after 20’ and casts consecrate on the front of the church (centering it on the door). Knowing that it might help a little if a wight manages to kill any villagers within the radius; their souls will be saved from the torment of undeath.

Pelor save us.

With that he continues to head to the church hoping to get in.


Unfortunately Consecrate requires a material component (holy water and siler dust) to be sprinkled around the area to be affected. It isn’t a ranged spell!

Those sneaky bastards!!!

It most certainly isn’t a Personal spell. The Range of Consecrate is 25 feet plus 5 feet for every two levels. The Material Components are consumed. I believe the description in the Material Components section is vague enough to assume the caster doesn’t have to create a circumference of materials like other spells that take a full round to ten minutes to cast—and are specific in the instruction. Remember, it take six seconds to cast this spell.

Now, if I was 60’ away, moved 20’, and the range for Talton is 25 + 15 = 40’ I should be able to center the spell at the door.

I think, if you wanted to be particularly persnickety you could say that the Components being tossed around don’t have room to slip under the door with the wisps of magic and wind (remember the wind is howling—not a good time for powdered Components) so the effect only takes place on the one side of the door…which would be really unfortunate. But my vote is that it works.

Those sneaky bastards!!!

I’m not sure how I miss-read that, but I did! Range and Area are definitely laid out separately. My bad. You can absolutely cast the spell, if you still want to. I can adjust the GM post accordingly. Sorry about that, Dave!

Those sneaky bastards!!!
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