Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Terrence-Seen enough

Evil mutha fn goblins

The sights of such carnage and evil rest uneasy on Terrence’s soul. Blood squirts from sliced throats and chucks of flesh and guts constantly fly through the air from massive blunt weapon strikes. The other beasts screams and howl, covered in a deep red gory cloak of blood and organs. Terrence watches as long as he can take but just as his urge to turn away he finds there is a pattern in the chaos. The savage beats have a raw draw to participate and then the symbol he copied at the farm jumps out like its branded in his vision.

What evil is this? Where does this come from?

Terrence then concentrates and focuses out the drumming and carnage and attempts to look past it all and serach for clues or individuals that stand out. He notes the descriptions of the beasts, significant actions and speakers.


Wild_Gazebo Sven_Howie

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