Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Terrence-Joy Ride

Fits like a glove

Terrence shakes his head as everybody seems to be stating what they want and walking away.

I thought I was the child.he thinks to himself. Terrence takes the moment to take in what just happened and why the Barbarian was so upset.

You all, ARE my family. My only family. I have been in this life more than the other. I see both are valid points, but without reinforcements we are severely outnumbered and if come across these possessed creatures again and suffer a defeat, what lives have we saved? I agree that its a hard choice but we need to reach the tribes like we originally planned. I have now stated my opinion but as always, I will prepare for what the company decides.

Terrence waits around a bit to listen to the interaction from any other group members. Discussion continues and he slowly makes his way to the horses. Temptation has the got the best of him. The gloves they looted looked so beautiful they have danced in his mind the moment he saw them. He slowly opens the bag containing the magical gloves. His eyes widen and a huge smile crosses his young face. They slip on and feel so perfect. His whole body tingles like nothing he has ever felt before. With this new sense of energy and nimbleness he is feeling he sneaks off to try jump and tumble with this new sense of assurance.

A bit of time passes and he returns back to the horses, slips the gloves off and places them back in the bag.

What a rush, he whispers to himself.

He joins the others to see what has been decided. Pours himself an ale and whispers to Matrim,

I see you looking at them. Ive been inside them. Deep inside.

He sits by the Barbarian and places an ale in front of him and chuckles.



…is it bad that I felt like slapping your hands when I read about your character trying the gloves? lol

Terrence-Joy Ride

Yeah Cora doesn’t even know about these gloves yet don’t get to attached to them

Terrence-Joy Ride

Lol he is a 17 year old kid seeing magical glo es.

Terrence-Joy Ride
Wild_Gazebo Sven_Howie

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