Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Terrance Gully Fight 2

Jew looking at meh?

As Terrance watches his arrow sail through the air and hitting his target right square in the head, he feels a surge of excitement course through his veins. His attention quickly swings to the duo coming around the front of the wagon. The barbarian is currently engaged with another orc and obviously those buggers are going after the biggest threat. With that thought Terrence takes cover in the nearest bush in order to attempt to lose his leering enemies. Terrence remains still for a sec or two before reaching back and readying another arrow in his bow. He slowing exhales while aiming at the goblin and as the last of his breath leaves his mouth he pauses….and releases another arrow.

Move Silently=D20+11=14+11=25
Hide= D20+8=20+8=28 (Natural Twenty)

Damage=3D6+(1D6+3)1(magical bonus)1(inspire)=12+(6+3)+1+1=23


Wild_Gazebo Sven_Howie

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