Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Terrance Gully Fight 1

Surprise bitches

After Matrim speaks of his plan and starts to ready himself Terrance leans in towards him and whispers,

Matrim! Did you happen to notice the large robed figure sitting in the middle of that bloody mess?

( I assume Matrim didn’t see it and inquires more info. Terrence continues to speak as the rest of the crew lends a quick ear)

I spotted a large robed figure just sitting in the middle of all that disgusting madness. It….It just sat there…staring clearly over all the goblins…. and those bloody savages paid no attention to it….None at all… The robes looked exactly like the goblin priests robe we saw before…..Then while I was looking at it… turn its head towards me and all I saw was darkness from under its hood. I felt like whatever it was locked eyes with me and Im not gonna lie guys but it creeped me right the fuck out.

Terrence looks around and locks eyes with each and every member of the group before he speaks again…

Whatever we are fighting is pure evil men. Make no mistake about that. I have now seen things no man should have ever laid eyes on. But now I see our path clearly and our fate. And fate has picked us band of misfits to come together and destroy it. I would add “or die trying”, but I don’t believe we will just merely try. I believe we will beat this. Now lets smash these fuckin beasts back to the hell they spawned from.

Terrence will sneak attack the closest Orc in the shadows and than during first round attack the next orc behind the wagon. (needing someone to hit the goblin by the first orc )

Surprise Round vs Orc1
Move Silently= d20+11=17+11=28
Surprise Initiative= d20+improved initiative(4)dex bonus(4)=14+4=9 (amoung the crew thankfully)
Surprise Attack=d20+8+1=4+8+1=13
Surprise Damage=3d6+1d6+3+1+1=16+6+3+1+1=27

1st Round vs Orc2
(If needed)Move Silently=d20+11=13+11=24
(If needed)Bluff for feint=d20+10=9+10=19


Added Sebastians +1 to att/dmg

Terrance Gully Fight 1
Wild_Gazebo Sven_Howie

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