Meta Ruins of Myvolia

T 'Alen - Tunderein stirs

T ’Alen with a grave look on his face,

Brother Talton please allow me to go with you. I’m sure with our knowledge of magics in their disparate forms and various teachings in spell craft we should be able to draw some conclusions about what occurred.

T ’Alen climbs up on his mount and prepares for the short trip to the farm.

In regards to our next plan of attack, do we kill the immediate symptom or try for a permanent cure in the far north. I can’t in good conscience head north at this juncture and leave a threat like this roaming the country side. What good is the cure if everyone we leave behind suffers this same fate or worse?

If this means we part ways for a short wile then so be it. I would hope the Heroes of the company of the Manticore would see this and follow suit. My business in the north can wait until this threat is neutralized

With that said T ’Alen turns his mounts towards the farm and sets out


Wild_Gazebo banelor

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