Meta Ruins of Myvolia

T 'Alen almost gone

T ’Alen stiffened up in his saddle at the mournful angry cry of the barbarian. He climbs down and walks up to him to look deeply into his eyes.

Whispering to the mountain of muscle and barely constrained rage

What kind of people would we be if we abandoned these poor folks to the same fate suffered by my family? What if these were your family, would you have us walk away and doom them to the deprivation of the children of Lodd?

T ’Alen turns and gets back on his horse praying a silent prayer that he lives through this brazen encounter


…, no, no…you don’t reason with barbarians…especially ones with back stories that involve saving his entire tribe from these things.

T 'Alen almost gone

Well here is hoping he only beats me senseless instead of kills me.

T 'Alen almost gone

now your seeing the silver lining!

T 'Alen almost gone
Wild_Gazebo banelor

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