Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Sebastian - The seige of Venist

THey're among us!

Startled only for a moment by the Ranger’s actions, Sebastian quickly unslung his bow and turned in a slow circle scanning for any additional infiltrators. Seeing none he could tell by the murmuring of the gathered villagers that they had not yet assessed the truth of the situation and a different trouble might be brewing. Almost as soon as he’d begun to try to sooth the crowd, The Company’s and the villages holy men came trundling up to the scene bellowing for calm.

After a quick check of the body confirming the experienced warriors’ suspicions Brother Talton began to issue his warning laced orders.

You heard the man! To arms! To arms! Watch for the breath and talk to everyone you see! The enemy is here and possibly among us!

Time to get inspirational!

You fight for your families, you fight for your land.
You fight an enemy who won’t just kill a man.
Stand up for your village, your home,
Stand up for everything you call your own!
Together this village will survive,
Once again you will prosper and thrive!

Allowing a self-amused smile to cross his face he finished…

Bard’s will sing of this night!

The Bard gave a reassuring smile to whomever he passed as he headed to his post. Taking his spot he scanned the dark snowy countryside as far as he could see. Muttering under his breath so none could hear…

Big Bear and The Southern Whore had better hurry…


I hope your words work….Talton means well; but, has a charisma of 7. He actually has a penalty to some of his turning rolls! But…he is still good with the undead killin’.

Sebastian - The seige of Venist
Wild_Gazebo Reverend55

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