Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Sebastian - Serious talk at the Old Mill

Seriously guys, it's super serious.

After the groups initial greeting upon reuniting at the old Mill, the Bard had been uncharacteristically quiet as The Company further discussed their options. A thick silence fell after Kandure had talked of his allies and Brother Talton sermonized on the strength of The Company when united. Sebastian realized that his companions were waiting for Matrim, and possibly himself, to make the final determination.

The Bard studied their quiet leader for a few second, thinking he could see the conflict in his normally guarded features. Matrim’s hatred of all things greenskin was well known to them all, and rivaled that of even Talton’s. His sense of right and wrong was also strong…

Sebastian grabbed a stick, absently scratching at the dirt near his feet for several seconds before speaking,

My friends, there are dark things afoot in the north this day. No choice we make will allow us to sleep unfettered by doubt. What many of us witnessed in that forest will not soon be forgotten, and must in some way be put right.

The Bard looked at each member of The Company, as well as Kandure, in turn then toward the crisp northern sky.

However, the tales I’ve heard here today have chilled me to the bone. These fifty creatures have the capability to become more, many more. They will create a rolling wave of death… Nay undeath, across this land until nothing and no one is left. If we do nothing, when we have the power to at least try, we are little better than the scourge we speak of. T’alen and Brother Talton have powers that many of us do not understand, but will be especially useful against these foes.

Sebastian looked again at the group and lightened his countenance to nearly a smile,

I too am not without my tricks.

Turning now to speak directly to Lornaal, the Bard’s expression turned serious, almost stern.

Big Bear I feel your desire to return to your homeland to help end this threat from the children of Lodd… but this new enemy, moving east as we speak toward people we now call friends, is something on another level. It is close, it is real, it must be faced.

Sebastian tossed the stick that he’d been gesturing with the entire time and rose to his feet,

If not us, who?


Wild_Gazebo Reverend55

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