Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Reunited 2

Where to go?

Greetings have hardly been given before the party begins to settle down to the important matter of where to go and what to do. A sense of urgency hangs over each option.

Talton, T’alen and Cora all seem intent on following the wights before heading north. Each of them worry about the consequences of leaving an evil undead force loose amidst the villages of the Northreach. Cora even suggests that she be left behind with the woodsman Kandure to warn other villages and harry the undead threat in whatever way that they can.

Lornaal’s position is clear. The northman yearns to return home with a passion that is both sorrowful and ferocious. Alma too is adamant that the group should be heading north. His recent tangle with the wights has left him with the impression that the Company of the Manticore can not hope to match their numbers. The young Terrence has also voiced an opinion that the greater threat is to the north and so that is where the group’s focus must lie.

The woodsman Kandure, standing silently and slightly separate from the company, speaks in his gravelly voice.

I understand that you have dire concerns in the north. I will do what I can to slow those creatures. I have allies with whom I must soon speak. They may have knowledge that could ultimately help in defeating Nargash.

When the ranger falls silent all eyes turn to the party’s leaders. Matrim and Sabastian trade a look with each other as they prepare to add their voice to the debate.

Please feel free to keep debating these matters in posts or in the comments section!


Talton: Kandure, who are these allies of which you speak? How quickly can we get there? I mean, Sunland is about 3 and 3/4 days ride from here (move 30, 3 days with move 40) and Deerford, a much bigger town than Tundrein, is about 4 and 1/4 days ride (3 1/4 with 40 move).

Is there time to find your friends and warn the towns? I don’t expect to find any of the tribes without at least 12 days travel…unless they are quite far south on a trade (9 1/2 move 40).

What if some of us go with Kandure and the others head toward the tribes…just how much reinforcements can you get Kandure?

I think time is gonna kill us either way. I think we should beg Kandure to come with us to warn the closest town and then try hit-and-run tactics with any volunteers from the villages to try to stem this undead tide.

I mean, those bloody greenskins killed my whole family, but by the light of Pelor, I’m not leaving a rampaging mob of undead to destroy the countryside!!! Lets get some birds in the air to warn the nearest village and ride with all haste to try to get ahead of those abominations!!!!

I don’t think we have shown our full potential. I can strengthen 4 members of our group, T’Alen can summon fires or make us move twice as fast, I can conjure bolts of sunlight that strongly affect undead, consecrate the ground so that they don’t spread their disease if one of them fall, and between T’Alen and I, produce a menagerie of summoned creatures to hold the line as we strafe the horde. Not to mention, the mere presence of Pelor puts fear into most undead, if I hold my symbol before their eyes and intone the presence of Pelor I bet I could destroy between 1 and 4 foul creatures at a time!

With good horses, some thoughtful tactics and the brilliant light of Pelor I think we can scourge the land of these horrible creatures! What say you all?!!

Reunited 2

Talton: Just realized they are heading East! That is Veniset! All those great people who housed us and fed us drink! Wasn’t there a stone church at the center of town? I bet there is a town guard too! That is only about 3 days from here! Look, we have to hurry to at least warn these people!!!

Reunited 2

Yeah guys, PC’s often forget just how a Cleric can really haul ass when undead show up. I even remember a D&D novel that lampshaded it; a young cleric was up against undead, then like halfway through the fight he was all “Oh yeah I’m a cleric. I can turn undead!” It was kinda funny.

Reunited 2
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