Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Prepping the Church

Spending all of his time in the church bringing all of the weapons from the cellar up (he will commandeer several villagers to help), checking out the crypt to make sure there isn’t another entrance (or exit) and directing the blockading and fortification of the church’s windows and doors. He will make sure one side of the front door is accessible for use; but, will keep barricading material close by in case of an emergency.

Upon closer inspection of the chest from the cellar he is able to determine the purpose of the contents.

  • 10 cure light wound potions (d8+5)
  • 2 bull’s strength potions
  • 4 cure moderate wound potions (2d8+7)
  • 1 oil of magic weapon (+5)
  • 10 create water scrolls
  • 2 comprehend languages scrolls
  • 1 consecrate scroll
  • 4 death ward scrolls
  • 2 restoration scrolls
  • 1 sending scroll

Immediately recognizing the benefit of the cache he grabs the scrolls and then takes the potions to distribute to The Company.

As soon as he hears the call of alarm Talton races out the door telling everyone to bunker in the church and to stay alert.

HP 36 AC 20

Initiative 18


Wild_Gazebo Wild_Gazebo

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