Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Matrim - Gully Round 2


Battle has erupted in the gully, the still night bringing sounds of death. With satisfaction of a clean kill, Matrim watches the goblin fall from the wagon. Scanning the area for a second target since Lornaal was wrecking havoc on the orc in front of the wagon, the ranger turns his focus on the goblin and orc passing the front of the wagon team. Matrim remains hidden in the darkness and landscape, hoping to end the two creatures before they can try to flank the barbarian.


Attack (on Orc): 6(d20) +10(base) +1(inspired) = 17
Damage: 6(d8) +3(weapon) +1(inspired) = 10


Attack (on Goblin): 18(d20) +10(base) +1(inspired) = 29
Damage: 3(d8) +3(weapon) +1(inspired) +4(fav enemy) = 11

Matrim stays low, insticts guiding him in the low light. Shadows flicker and dance in a ring around the wagon as if they too want to lash out at the beasts.

Hide: 11(d20) +11 =22
Spot: 12(d20) +9 =21


Wild_Gazebo zirmani

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