Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Matrim - Gully

Ambush in the Night

Matrim watched the wagon in anticipation as his companions drew near. Quiet and quick discussion occurs about the wagon in the gully. After T’alen’s interpretation of the situation, Matrim knew they had to act.

My friends, the element of surprise may work here as it did with the goblin camp. I figure the snipers should fan out to either side for flanking, everyone pick a target or two and we should be able to take them quickly. Hit them fast and hard. I will straife right and take out the wagon driver first, the orc in front of the wagon second. We need to save the prisoners from that massacre back there. As soon as our flankers are moving off, everyone attack. Happy hunting Company.

With agreement upon attacking the wagon train, Matrim will sneak out to the right and begin assault as soon as there is a clear shot at the wagon driver

Move Silently: 13(d20)12 = 25
Hide: 19(d20)
11 = 30
Initiative: 12(d20)+8 = 20

Attack:16(d20) 3 = 19
Damage: 2(d8)
7 = 9

Attack:10 (d20) +3 = 13
Damage: 7(d8) +7 = 14

AC: 18
HP: 42


Wild_Gazebo zirmani

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