Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Lornaal- What revenge may be had

The sight of the handful of orcs and goblins brings the pounding fury of Lornaal’s captive bear-spirit to the fore. After days of tracking and the previous hours of quaking at the presence of the enemy hordes, happening upon these few greenskins seems a gift from the spirits of the land and sky.

A feral snarl escapes the northman’s lips as he clutches his spear, awaiting the opportunity to wet it once more in goblin blood.

A word from his companions is all it would take to unleash him upon the goblins.

It would take many, many words to convince him not to.

If a plan is suggested, then Lornaal will wait to enact it, otherwise, he is going to charge the goblins, making for the closest one.

Initiative: 7(d20)3 = 10
Attack: 6(d20)
9+2(charge) = 17
Damage: 3(d8)+7 = 10
AC: 19 – 2(charge) = 17
HP: 49


Lornaal is making for the two standing closest for us, attacking the one on the right first.

Lornaal- What revenge may be had
Wild_Gazebo optimus_mush

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