Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Lornaal - Round 1

Once more the beast wakens

Lornaal shakes the dying goblin from his spear, ignoring the spray of blood and gore that wash over his hands. The scent of death fills his nostrils and his eyes narrow as the caged spirit within his chest surges to be let loose.

The big northman eyes the captives on the wagon and the now alert orcish guards before it, relishing their sudden terror, before relinquishing control. The bear spirit races to the fore and an inhuman battlecry wrenches from his lips, filling the night with a primal roar.

Flush with adrenaline, Lornaal charges across the twenty-feet of ground separating him from the orc next to the wagon, plunging his spear headlong towards his foe.

Attack: 3(d20) + 11 (base attack + rage) + 2 (bull’s strength) + 1 (inspired) + 2(charge): 19
Damage: 1(d8) + 10 (base damage + rage) + 2 (bull’s strength) + 1 (inspired): 14
AC: 19 – 2 (rage) -2 (charge): 15
HP: 59
Rage: 1st of 5 rounds


Wild_Gazebo optimus_mush

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