Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Lornaal - Picking a fight

Perhaps Alma has lost his mind? Oh, well.

Lornaal follows Alma’s lead as he first leaves the main building and crosses to the horses. It is only as the Cyonian is lighting the torches that a dim realization begins to dawn on the Thent. Despite a growing misgiving, Lornaal follows Alma, trusting to the other man’s designs.

Without a word he helps set fire to the camp buildings and watches warily as the loggers boil out into the blizzard. Clutching the shaft of his spear in his left hand, Lornaal checks the haft of his axe to make sure that it is free to be drawn rapidly.

There will be blood and death here. He thinks to himself, noting the size and number of the loggers. The great bear in his chest stirs. Much death.

Lornaal will throw his spear at the first armed enemy to approach and then will draw his axe.

Initiative: 12(d20) + 3 = 15
Attack: 14(d20) + 9 – 4 (range) = 19
Damage: 5(d8) + 7 = 12


Wild_Gazebo optimus_mush

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