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Tundrein Battle, Round 5

Tundrein battle round 4

Cora and Alma


You are certain that the old man by the well is dead now. The horrid undead have stopped flailing at him and are scanning the darkened streets, perhaps looking for a fresh victim. In the stone house directly opposite of your position by the mayor’s house there is a growing commotion. From behind its shuttered windows comes a series of screams and crashing noises.

Candle light is showing now behind a few windows as furtive glances are made into the streets. At last the town is slowly awakening to the danger roaming amongst them.

The dozen or so buildings that make up the village are mostly single story houses, most with thatched roofs. In fact, only the mayor’s house and the inn next door are two storied and only the inn has a tiled roof.

While the inn offers, perhaps the more solid option, the presence of the undead hovering in the streets before it lead you to conclude that the mayor’s house may be your safest bet.

As quietly as you can you clamber up the timber side, finding finger and toe holds in the rough wood. As you clamber onto the thatching you are relieved to find that it will easily bear your weight.

You glance back into the darkness, wondering where Alma is.


As you hasten towards the town centre you find Peter Frund and Brianna running at your side.

This is my town and my people.

The mayor offers by way of explanation.

These are a hearty people, you realize. They have survived on the outermost fringes of human civilization, bordering on barbaric tribes and the ever-present dangers of Lodd for generations. Though he is stout and grey, you suddenly grow to appreciate that there is yet steel in the bones of Peter Frund.

You cast your spell, surrounding yourself once more with a coterie of mirror images. As you approach the side of the mayor’s house and peer into the street beyond you see no sign of Cora.

A stone house across the way is filled the with the sounds of struggle, however, and a trio of people are loitering around a fallen man by the town well.

By the light of a fallen lantern you realize that the three people share the same withered, shallow look as those undead you have just dispatched.

To your horror, Peter, not having realized the danger, calls out to the trio:

Zeke! Marsha! Be aware, there are foul creatures about the streets t’night

By the flickering light of the fallen lantern you see the eyes of the undead turn towards the shadows you occupy. A hunger lights in them as they begin to scramble in your direction.



The blue dot is Alma (with his mirror images, Peter Frund and Brianna all crowding about him). The red do is Cora, who is supposed to be on the roof, not out in the toolies by the barn (I’m not sure what happened there, I’ll fix it tomorrow) and the three black dots are the undead.

Please post your actions for Round Five! If you have any questions, you can put them here, or of course on Facebook.

Tundrein Battle, Round 5

This is awesome Trev!

Tundrein Battle, Round 5

Thanks. I’m getting a lot quicker at using Sketchup, so the mapping gets easier.

Tundrein Battle, Round 5

There are prefab models you can grab from online if you want. Not sure if that means more work or less? I’m still plugging away with GIMP. My map file is like 1/2 a Gig…most of the tokens I found online but all the terrain, symbols and lighting are mine. I was going to make Chris and Dwayne’s move for them so I created some spiffy magic effects…but then they went and posted so I had to take them out. I’m kinda hoping they will choose the right effect so that I can use them…LOL.

But, honestly I mean the feeling and effect of the encounters in the town…I love the mood you are setting.

Tundrein Battle, Round 5
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