Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Full Alert

Talton looks sternly at the pastor.

This is going to get grim. Make sure everyone who isn’t fighting is safe in this church.

He then abruptly orders the boy and a couple of other to continue bringing all the supplies up from the cellar. With determined purpose he stalks outside to assess the situation.

Blinking his eyes through the blinding snowfall and trudging through its accumulation on the ground Talton makes his way over to the body. After a cursory investigation he determines the fact of the matter. He stands up straight and arcs his back slightly to address all villagers in the square.

Citizens of Veniset! It is upon us! This was not a villager going about his business. This was a spawn from hell who had stolen the body of one of your loved ones! We must be vigilant! These creatures are able to walk among us in this horrible weather; but, it will also help us. These creatures don’t breath, these creatures don’t bleed and these creature will not hesitate to kill you and turn you into another spawn from the pits of hell!

Let mighty Pelor guide your hands and mind. Look your companions in the eyes to search for life, make sure your companion’s breath freezes in the air and don’t hesitate to sound the alarm and strike with fury if you don’t see these markers of the living!

Now is the time! To your posts! We must man these walls to make sure nobody but the living get past us! This is our last stand! Now is the time to make sure everybody is secured behind these walls! Demand anyone approaching to state there name and purpose…and then check for signs of life.

If Talton sees any delay of action from the militia he will bellow in his most stern hell and brim-fire voice,

NOW!!! To the WALLS!!!!

With that he will gather T’alen, the mayor, Matrim, and the Pastor.

We must make sure that the rest of the village is secured and that all of the villagers are behind the walls. We can’t risk anymore lives…if people die they become enemies. We are down three men already…good…strong…battle tested men. I’m guessing this wight was just testing our defenses. The real attack will be brutal.

Talton then looks purposefully at the group expecting a response.


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