Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Dark Crashy Worry

DM - Blackwood - Ravine

Terrence and Matrim

After several minutes of observing the perverted carnage on display by the creatures cavorting in the Blackstone Woods, you manage to rip your eyes away. Strangely, as you turn, you feel the unnerving sensation of wishing to turn back and continue exploring the macabre ceremony. Feeling your head beginning to turn back to the massacre you snap your heads back toward your encampment with a kind of clumsy forcefulness. Eyeing each other uncomfortably, silently sharing the communal attraction to the violence behind you, you both quickly head back to camp…worry etched in your eyes.

Gathering Lornaal and Talton without a word you head back to the others. Reaching the last hill before the camp you spot Sebastian working as a sentry to the group at the peak of the hill. Everything seems well and in order as you begin the climb to the top.


The several minutes that pass in the night seem to take forever. You alternate between sitting and standing while keeping the animals gathered and packed…ready to go in case this all turns out bad. After what you feel must be about 45 minutes has passed, you hear a loud crack of wood echoing through the ravine…coming from the Northeast. You then hear garbled angry voices echoing through the ravine that you assume to be goblinoid. Though, you can’t make out the words, there is definitely anger in the tones and the quick staccato cadence of a creature swearing.


In the darkness of the night you don’t notice the movement of Lornaal, Matrim, Talton and Terrence until they are right at the bottom of the hill. Giving a quick wave, you are unsure if they see you or not. Just as the three begin to climb the hill…you hear a strange thud in the night that kind of seems to be coming from down the ravine. Looking back down the hill toward T’alen, you see the mage rise up quickly and look off toward the Northeast bend of the ravine in alarm. Scanning the horizon it seems the ravine moves toward the North after about a hundred feet. Not quite sure what the noise was…you assume it came from around that bend.


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