Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Cora - weighs her options

As Cora watches as Pete and Alma try desperately to get control of this chaos. Cora begins to realize that its going to be a loss cause.

3 undead engaged with Alma and Pete even after Alma ripped into one and it still is unrelenting

The old man by the well is now rising.

Not to mention whatever is in that house.

Cora begins to realize that this hero stuff is what its all cracked up to be.

Im no hero! Forget this town hope that fire burns it to the ground along with the unholy death it holds.

Cora thinks as she begins to quietly climb down from her perch and makes her way to Petes house to gather her things. She aims to leave every quietly into the night.

Move Silently:
Roll: 1d20+11
20 = 9[d20]+11

Roll: 1d20+4
20 = 16[d20]+4

Roll: 1d20+12
19 = 7[d20]+12

Cora will go back once she has her gear and see if she can save who she can but she wont risk her life for anyone. She will try and sneak people out but if they are to close to the undead or screaming and making a bunch of noise or try to convince her to help. She will leave them behind Alma is her only concern.


Wild_Gazebo Farm_Owl

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