Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Cora - waits

Fool!! what are you doing?

Cora whispers as the old man gets mauled by the undead.

What is going on? Where are all these undead coming from? There must be someone controlling them.

Cora says to herself as she begins to scan the area for someone or something that is hiding in the shadows.

I need to get higher maybe up on a roof. Alma should be here soon to clear them out I’ll just wait for him to show up and I’ll mark the undead with this last alchemist fire.

Cora thinks to herself as she begins to look for a way onto a roof top quietly.

I want to be sneaking while I do this but I want a roof top where I can keep on eye and in range of the undead. So I can hit them with a alchemist fire for Alma. I also want to be actively watching for someone who might be controlling or creating the undead.

Roll: 1d20+4
18 = 14[d20]+4

Move Silently:
Roll: 1d20+11
29 = 18[d20]+11

Roll: 1d20+12
24 = 12[d20]+12

Roll: 1d20+6
21 = 15[d20]+6

Roll: 1d20+5
14 = 9[d20]+5

Ranged attack: Only if the undead aren’t in plain sight for Alma to see.
Alchemist Fire:
Roll: 1d20+11
30 = 19[d20]+11


lol Dont use my alchemists fires…..throws alchemists fires….

Cora - waits
Wild_Gazebo Farm_Owl

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