Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Cora - running

Cora sits quietly waiting for her chance to strike at this little girl. She knows this is something that has to be done cause if the company fails and she succeeds then maybe she might be able to slow them down and maybe save others from this demise.
Time begins to play with her thoughts, She begins to think that maybe not including the group in her plan was a bad decision and that if she fails at killing the little girl that might be what kills her and the company. She decides that she is going to need help. But she knows she doesn’t want to risk exposing herself to the group cause if they know shes here then the undead will as well should one of them should fall. But she know it has to be done.
Terrance is who she decides would be the best option cause between him and her. They could strike hard and fast before the little girl would know what hit her. So Cora climbs down from her perch and waits in the shadows for her chance to get Terrance away from the group so she can include Terrance into her plan.

Let me know what rolls I will need to make to move around undetected.

Move silently:
Roll: 1d20+11
20 = 9[d20]+11

Roll: 1d20+12
27 = 15[d20]+12


Wild_Gazebo Wild_Gazebo

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