Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Cora - glad to see her friends

Bah you saved yourself Pelor had nothing to do with it. In fact all he did was watch.

Cora mutters as she start to walk to the front of the inn. When she hears Terrance yell out for her and Alma. She rushes to the front of the building to see her companions riding into town. Cora put on her best smile even though she has been up all night and the toll is starting to take effect. She greets them as best as she can glad to see they are as well safe and sound.
When out of the blue Sebastian picks her up and throws her up in the air and hugs her. Clearly glad to see her.

Roll: 1d20+7
13 = 6[d20]+7

Cora smiles

It is so glad to see you to Sebastian as she opens her arm for another hug.

Sebastian’s Sense Motive: Chris rolled this BTW
Roll: 1d20+6
24 = 18[d20]+6

Cora can see Sebastian know what she is up to as he is very reluctant to hug her. She takes in a deep breathe and calmly says.

Sebastian put me down now I have been through enough these past few day to have you tossing me up in the air like a little kid. Alma is safe, he is south of here in a abandoned windmill with the remainder of the town. The undead, Kandure said headed east. We are head to make sure they actually moved on so we can let the townsfolk come back to their homes.

Cora says as she starts to head east.

Talton, I think Alma is mad but do you think it is possible for that goblin priest we killed could have done link itself to the little girl that was left from the farmstead? If so how would one do such a thing? Would he had left some markings on her something we could recoginize if we should run upon something like this again? Maybe you should check out where she stayed and see if there is anything in there that could give us clues. Kandure and I should be back before dark. It a couple of hours ride to the windmill if you go make sure you take some blankets as it might be to dark for you to come back. I am sure they will need them.


I know I everything I said was vague but it was meant to be that way. She still thinks it is unsafe.

Cora - glad to see her friends
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