Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Alma - Logging camp (slaughter)

Oh Shit!

Alma sheaths his blade as he runs straight at the wall behind which he hears the neighing horses, lowers his shoulders and smashes right through the slat board wall (in theory).

Alma has improved bull rush but I’m not sure if that helps (I know the wall doesn’t get an attack of opportunity :).

Strength check.

If he bounces off Alma will curse and look for a way in…

If he crashes through the wall Alma will start shooing horses thru the new hole and yell.

Two men per horse ride hard for Viniset! If the horse falls get up and keep running these things don’t get tired!

Lornaal Hold them back! Try not to get surrounded! Don’t rage friend we cannot win this fight.

Handle Animal (to stop the already spooked horses from truly panicking)


I know that’s probably 2 rounds or more worth of activity but he has to try. hoping whatever is holding them back continues to be amused until it/they see horses being mounted.

Alma - Logging camp (slaughter)

Remember…you and Lornaal are invisible to the undead.

Alma - Logging camp (slaughter)
Wild_Gazebo Lord_Cycer

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