Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Alma - Into the barn


Alma pauses but a moment to yell to Cora-

Figure out what were facing in town little one, and don’t get yourself killed!

Then he plunges thru the fire, counting on his magically enhanced movement to limit the harm that will come to him. Once thru the door Alma springs quickly to the ladder and into the loft where he last saw the frightened girl retreating.

Brianna! Let’s get out of here

Provided he finds the young lady Alma will jump from the loft and sprint to the back door of the barn to meet up with the Mayor so he can toss the man his Daughter and set about rescuing Cora and the rest of the village. (probably mostly Cora:)

Jump roll
Roll: d20+6

21 = 15[d20]+6

Str Check – (To keep the girl from harm during the jump)
Roll: d20+4

23 = 19[d20]+4

If Alma makes It to The Mayor without any further Issues he will place his daughter in his arms and tell him to -

Get inside sir, keep yourself and your girl safe!

Then he will sprint off in search of Cora… and the trouble she’s sure to have found!


Wild_Gazebo Lord_Cycer

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