Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Alma - Dumb Ass Loggers

Same in every world :)

Alma gives it one more try…

I wish for all our sakes that this was some figment of my imagination… But as much as I wish this nightmare where mine alone that is not the case. I have watched as people who fell to these beasts twitched and rose too attack people they called friends moments before. The multiply by killing, and they kill with brutal efficiency. You can not remain here…

Alma will wait for a response. If he does not get the response he is looking for he will turn and walk from the building. Alma will go to his horse and grab his flint and steel. He asks Lornaal for 3 of his torch’s and sets fire to the back of each of the camps buildings. As the loggers scramble to save their horses and gear or put out the fires Alma will address a most likely very angry leader again. Nodding to Lornaal he says.

My friend and I would still like to escort you back to the town for your safety, and to reinforce the towns defenses with your strong arms…. That being said we would rather kill you here then have your stubborn foolish corpses adding to the ranks of our foe. Ulof … the decision is yours!

Alma Draws his great blade with slow intent.
(intimidation is the Barbarians roll to make)


Wild_Gazebo Lord_Cycer

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