Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Abolition Gully

DM - Blackwood - Ravine - Round One


The trap has been sprung early. All of the enemies know that they are under attack. You know that nobody can see you, most likely none of your companions as well. You continue to move quietly within the confines of the trees, shrubs, tall grass and hillside until you get a bead on the goblin manning the reins of the disabled wagon. He looks to be about to jump off in order to fight. Deciding the beast’s fate, you swiftly draw and release planting an arrow square in the little creature’s chest causing him to sidle over the wagon seat and into an orc on the other side.

Quickly scanning the dark and light of the gully you hear footsteps running from the east and west converging on the wagon. From this position your visibility is fairly limited, you can see the two orcs on the other side of the wagon; but, you can basically only hear the others.

Move silently
1d20=13 +12 = 25
1d20=20 +11 = 31


Talton after just enhancing the barbarian’s strength starts to head toward the battle when he hears something stir behind him. Turning, he is amazed to see a bulky goblin staring at him from behind. The creature is crouched low slowly moving side-to-side taking stock of T’alen, Sebastian and Talton. Strangely this goblin looks almost beastishly feral with orange glowing eyes and tufts of blue-grey fur peeking out of his clothes. The goblins odd features continue and end with large sharp teeth and claws seemingly making a weapon useless.

Behind you!

Talton roars charging the beastly goblin with his mace whistling in the air as he windmills it in anticipation of destroying the little greenskin…er, blueskin.
Swinging at the creature, Talton is amazed as it seems the goblin is phasing in and out of existence…appearing and not appearing from one second to the next almost like the beast is living in two different worlds at the same time. His mace misses its mark leaving the priest open to attack.


Straining to see the goblin leader on the East side of the wagon, you turn like a wound top at the warning from Talton. Quickly taking in the wild-looking goblin, the harsh appearance of this creature seems to click in your head with the sound of the goblin leader: this is him!
Not letting your thoughts slow you down, with lightning speed you send two volleys of arrows at the creature desperate not to hit Talton—who charged the thing immediately. One arrow sails just over the creature heading down the ravine path while the other catches him in the shoulder. The goblin presses on, not terribly bothered by the arrow deep in its shoulder.

1d20=5 +8(att) +1 (point blank) +1(inspired) = 15
1d20=12 +8(att) +1 (point blank) +1(inspired) = 22
1d8=7 +1(str) +1 (inspired) = 9


Relishing how slow the orcs are moving you rush another 30’ to get within lethal range of another creature of lodd. The poor brutes are still flatfooted, their slow minds processing the surprise as astute as a lump of cheese. Bringing your draw to your cheek again, you bury another arrow deep into the skull of the orc trailing the wagon. The back of the beast’s head turns into the semblance of a ripe melon being smashed with a hammer spraying the night sky with its slow thoughts.

Turning your head back down the path you see that Talton had yelled to warn the others of a battle going on in the rear; but, there are still orcs and goblins around the wagon to deal with.


Seeing the vicious goblin attacking from the rear you scramble up the hill to the right, turn around and send a volley of magic missiles at the brute. Three quick searing beams flare the night air for brief seconds leaving the strange after image of the magical force hovering in the air like a mystical wake.
The magic strikes the goblin, you see a slight wince; but he powers on determined to battle further.


The two celestial dogs sprint off with great speed to attack a goblin flanking from the West. The first dog takes a great bite out of the Loddite while the other just manages to snag his dirty breeches trying to drag the creature down. The goblin isn’t going down without a fight and fights back with his companion close by.


Making the next small charge in your barrage of the goblin pit-stop, you swing your spear around from the circular motions of your last attack and spring into the air to drive your weapon into the top of the skull of the unprepared orc just managing to bring its weapon to bear. You hear the clatter of the orcs dropped sword as you drive your spear down through its quivering chin. With a neat side-step you twist your weapon, jarring the head off of the limp neck of the dead orc and swing the beasts head off into the darkness like you were playing a game of stick-ball.

Panting deeply with the spirit of the bear you search your next victim.


The two goblins on the West side of the wagon both hack at the attacking hounds with their war hammers pounding one dog into submission while the other dog prances around trying to nip at their exposed flesh. After a few seconds of stillness on the ground the fallen celestial dog disappears from this world.

The goblin from the East foolishly rushes into the light looking for the barbarian. The creature looks small but has a bloodlust in its eyes that is ready for battle.


The two remaining orcs run around the wagon. One engages with Lornaal on his left while the other falls behind the angry looking goblin on his right.

The orc attacking Lornaal takes its large jagged looking sword and swings with all it might looking to end the fight before it starts. Lornaal takes a brief look and duck the attack causing the swing to look clumsy and ineffective. The orc screams in frustration and presses forward meaning to flank the plainsman as his companions join the battle from the other direction.


…Next round two



The goblin and orc have wandered into your line of sight. You now have a clear shot at them.

Abolition Gully

That’s a sweet role for Matrim’s hide this round :D

Abolition Gully

Yeah, he did good.

Abolition Gully

Hehe…my middle boy has a Lego ninjago t-shirt that says you can’t see me I’m a ninja. lol

Abolition Gully
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