The Company Bank

The Company Bank Contract

Coin typeAmountSub-TotalLocation
Copper (cp)940094Jessep (not in total)
Silver (sp)3500350Jessep (not in total)
Gold (gp)00Group Packs
Platinum (pp)00Group Packs
Total Amount
0gpThe Company’s Funds (10%): 110gp

Current Members with Purchase Tithes

Lornaal 50% (masterwork greataxe), Matrim 50% (gloves of dexterity), Alma 50% (bracers of armor), Cora 50% (mithril shirt)

Item NameItem LocationPayments MadeItem Book Value
+1 shortbow (mighty composite +3)Terrence02750
Wand of Hold Person (23 charges)T’alen04500
+1 Battle Axe (size small)Group Pack02310
Mithral Shirt (size small)Cora200/550gp1100
24 Battle Axes (size small)Jessep0240
15 ShortbowsJessep0450
140 arrowsJessep07
25 ShortswordsJessep0250
12 Warhammers (size small)Jessep0144
42 leather armor (size small)Jessep0420
38 small wooden shieldsJessep0114
200 weeks of dry rationsGroup Packs0600
10 pieces of parchmentGroup Packs02
5 hide drumsJessep025
Misc camp supplies: tinder, blankets,tents, pots, knifes…ectJessep0124
Full PlateGroup Packs01500
Greataxe (masterwork)Lornaal16/160gp320
Studded leather (masterwork)Group Packs0175
Bracers of Armor +4Alma150/8000gp16000
Gloves of dexterity +4Matrim200/8000gp16000
+2 Light Unholy Mace (small)Talton032305
Small ivory figureGroup Packs090
Ruby ringGroup Packs040
Jade necklaceGroup Packs0120


Livestock TypeAmountBook ValueLocation
Total Value

Currently, a deal was struck with Jessep Wright to travel to Port Parlone to sell off the selected inventory and return with the profits. The shares are to be distributed 50% to The Company of the Manticore, 10% to the Hoffsteader family, and 40% to the the Mayor. Jessep will receive a fee of 45gp to cover travel expenses, exchange and insurance of the property belonging to The Company of the Manticore.

The expected return, depending on the success of negotiation should be approximately 50% of the listed book value price: as per the normal exchange of used items and the expected profit margin of primary merchants.

The Company Bank

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