Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Alma - Friendlies Incoming!

Alma gives Kundare a cheerful greeting and bolts back towards the Barricade.

Hello good ranger… you look pale… get some sun man!

To the Guards on the makeshift defences Alma shouts

Friendlies incoming hold your fire!!

After delivering his alert to the guards Alma proceeds to walk the line of refugees looking for anything out of place, and takes up a rear guard position for the cold and tired people.

Spot: Roll(1d20)-1:

Terrence-Still on the roofs
Hang Around

Terrence watching the wight fall into the white out of the snow whisking by his eyes. He wastes no time and scurries across the bridge. He continues his mission in getting the dear old lady back to the carnage. Maybe I’ll leave that part out, he thinks to himself.

Cora - watches

Cora watches as the wight goes inside, She knows that he is trying to lure her out of hiding so he can pounce. Cora begins to look for a place where she can stake the house out as well a spot where the freezing winds are blowing right through.

Well underneath the snow the wind wont get me.

Cora thinks as she looks for a huge snow drift she could hide herself in and watch the house.

Pelor's Blessing

Seeing the struggle at the two barricades, Talton strides north ten feet and brandishes his holy symbol yet again. Bowing his head he concentrates hard focusing on the might of Pelor. Beginning with a deep, low, guttural intonation he projects his voice into a crescendo of exclaimation.


Thrusting his symbol into the air before him in a tightly clenched fist the same silver light explodes from the priest.


Turn Check:

+2 lvl (effective 8th lvl)

Turning Damage:
Total:15 × 1.5 [empower turning] = 22 HD

22 HD of undead are destroyed (if 4 HD or lower; turned if higher than 4 HD) within a 60’ radius starting with the closest.

Matrim - Pour it on
An arrow a day keeps the wights at bay

Matrim maintains the steady stream of fire, raining arrows down on the attackers at the north-west barricade.

Attack #1: 15 (d20) + 12 – 4 (wind) = 23
Damage: 8 (d8) + 3 = 11

Attack #2: 17 (d20) + 12 – 4 (wind) = 25
Damage: 8 (d8) + 3 = 11

Attack #3: 16 (d20) + 8 – 4 (wind) = 20
Damage: 3 (d8) + 3 = 6

wow, this makes up for Lornaal’s terrible rolls!

AC: 19

HP: 49

Lornaal - Clean the square II
The only problem with the undead is they don't beg for mercy

As his axe whistles through the air, felling enemies and hewing carnage, Lornaal is beset by an even greater struggle within his mighty chest. The spirit of the caged bear yearns to be loosened. It is with great effort that the northman quiets the beast, even as his blood boils with the rush of combat. It will not be long, he knows.

Striking at the wight before him with a pair of wild, yet powerful swings, Lornaal seeks relieve some of the pressure through destruction.

Lornaal will use the Power Attack Feat, taking a -5 penalty to all attacks to get a +5 bonus to damage.

Attack 1: 5 (d20) + 12 – 5 = 12
Damage: 8 (d12) + 7 + 5 = 20

Attack 2: 8 (d20) + 7 -5 = 10
Damage: 10 (d12) + 7 + 5 = 23


AC: 19
HP: 53

Battle Renewed 4
Its a good day to live

Veniset Town Square: 7:26 pm

For a moment the battle lines remain pitched, but with each loss for the villagers the enemy grows stronger. This thought weighs heavily on the defenders. With no other options, however, they fight on in the face of howling winds, freezing cold, blinding snow and deadly enemies.


Dodging the first clumsy attack by the precariously balanced undead, Terrence smiles to himself as he leverages up on his arm and spins quickly on the beam, scissoring his legs into the knees of his assailant. The former guardsman topples backward coming down hard on the plank bridge, bounces and nearly plummets off the side to the ground below. At first it seems that the stupid walking corpse has managed to grab the plank and prevent its fall, but Terrence quickly realizes that through dumb luck the creature’s hand has become impaled on a large iron nail that is sticking out of the plank at an angle from its hasty construction.

Seizing the opportunity, Terrence lashes out with his slender rapier, slicing through the tendons and joint at the creature’s wrist. Freed from its hand, the undead slides down the steep roof and with a whoooooompffff lands in the piled snow in the street below.

Regaining his feet, the young rogue blows a relieved breath into the freezing air.


Clambering down from the barricade awkwardly in his heavy armour, the priest stumps to the centre of the square. His very presence seems uplifting to those around him. Hefting his mace he makes his way towards the barricades, shouting words of encouragement and remonstrations to his enemies, invoking the names of Pelor and Saint Lucius. With every breath he attends to the moral and physical injuries of his allies.


Swinging his great sword in another mighty arc Alma cuts heavily into the wight’s upper torso. The keen edge of his hungry blade tears through flesh and bone, amputating the creature’s left arm and biting deep into its collar bone. The wight rocks heavily to the side, nearly toppling to its knees. The evil spark of unlife remains within the creature, however, and it seeks to attack Alma with its remaining arm.


The undead on the north west barricade lash out, beating at the defenders who are able to repel them without much injury. On the western barricade, however, the mindless minions boil forth from the smoke screen and surge onto the barricade easily outnumbering the defenders. Smashing out with bare hands, clubs or even their teeth they take their toll. One of the loggers, a lean man wrapped in fox skins and sporting a wild red beard, is overcome, collapsing from the barricade, his axe landing in the snow beside him.


Steadying himself after the vile life-draining attack of the dispatched wight, T’alen turns his attention to the small house that has become a portal for the undead into the village square. Summoning his arcane might, the sorcerer creates a small sphere of fire which he lobs through the open door.

Immediately, the roar of flames erupt from within. Gouts of fire leap from the open door and burst out of the chimney as the inside of the house becomes an inferno. A wave of heat rolls from the building and a trio of staggering undead, their bodies wreathed in flames, stumble from the door into the square where they collapse into the snow, destroyed.

Confident that the intense flames within the house will prevent anything from using it as a passage, T’alen watches as serpents of smoke coil out of the thatching and are carried away by the wind.


The wight facing Alma manages to keep its feet despite the severe damage done to its body. Balling its remaining hand into a fist, it strikes at him but the hardy southerner is easily able to avoid the attack.

The wretch facing Kaberllee is similarly unsuccessful as the brauman woman easily deflects its clumsy attack with her shield.

The wight facing a trio of militiamen within the western barricade makes short work of another of the villages defenders, sending the poor wretch screaming to the ground.

On the north-west barricade an attacking wight makes short work of a defending militiaman who had leapt forward to close the gap. A logger, already ravaged by the assaulting lesser minions, is further savaged by another wight. The man, his body tortured to the limit, manages to maintain his feet, however, despite the serious injuries and having much of his life-force drained from him. More troubling, however, amidst the beleaguered defenders of that barricade, one of their own fallen guardsman begins to rise, his eyes filled with malice, his fingers clawing at the air as though he would strangle the first living creature that came to him.


Stepping over the cloven wight Lornaal attacks the one before Kaberllee. His mighty blow drives the destroyed creature to the snowy ground, forever ending its threat. As soon as he has wrenched his blade free, Lornaal turns to the west, racing to destroy the wight that is quickly butchering the militamen there.


Taking a page from T’alen’s book, the druidess begins to speak ancient words of power as she reaches into a small pocket within her bearskin cloak, drawing out a piece of tallow that is laced with powdered rock and metal. At the culmination of her words the tallow and other components disappear in a puff of flame while a large burning ball of fire comes into existence amidst the wights assaulting the north west barricade. The cackling sphere of flame settles on the newly risen wight, scorching it with intense heat.

The village milita

Seeking to bolster the crumbling northern barricade, Gregor leads the militiamen to reinforce their allies. Leaping onto the defensiveworks, the brave guard captain delivers a heavy cut to one attacker with his axe. Those following him throw themselves at the wights, hacking at them with remarkable fury. Thus reinforced the barricade appears ready to hold for another moment.

One of the militamen facing the wight in the village square manages to slip in a strike, leaving a wide cut across the creatures face.


Taking up position on the rooftop near the barricade, the lanky ranger pours down arrows on the attacking enemies. Two of his arrows manage to vanquish one of the vile wights, while a third further injures the wight before Captain Gregor.


Seeing the grave peril that would result in the collapse of any of the barricades, the bard heads to the front of the church, determined to give his life before its wooden doors, should that be necessary…

New arrivals

Out of the darkness behind the one-armed wight facing Alma, an arrow splits the night. Striking the injured wight it drops the creature to one knee. A moment later a lean grey shape slams into it, savaging with tooth and nail. Alma immediately recognizes the snarling beast as Loqutore, Kandure’s wolf. A moment later the ranger himself trots forward. Dressed in thick white and grey furs he is nearly invisible in the driving snow. His bow string is already drawn taunt with another arrow nocked and ready as he carefully surveys the area. In his grizzled voice he says:

This seems unfortunately familiar. I have companions just behind me. There are women and children. We must hurry, however, there are many enemies approaching from the south. They will be here in a few minutes time.


It is difficult to keep eyes on the wight given the darkness and driving snow, but Cora is able to mark its passage by the clear trail through the rock garden. Wary of any further ambush, the halfling presses forward. The wight angles through the garden, coming towards the back of the large, rambling house where it now stands, peering towards the place from behind a standing stone.

Sinking down so as not to be observed, Cora follows the wight’s line of sight and sees a narrow crack of light issuing from between the shutters on the ground floor of the building.

Slipping from behind the stone, the wight makes for a wooden door that opens onto the rock garden, intent on gaining entry into the place.


20 – Terrence
19 – Talton
15 – Alma
14 – Undead
7 – T’alen
6 – Wights
4 – Lornaal
3 – Kaberllee
3 – Village Watch
1 – Matrim
1 – Sebastian

(Italicised checks are ones that I have rolled)

Undead defending against Terrence’s trip attempt: 2, fail
Undead dex check to keep from falling off of roof: 17, success

Undead attack against militiaman on n.w. barricade: 2, miss
Undead attack against militiaman on n.w. barricade: 2, miss
Undead attack against militiaman on n.w. barricade: 17, hit
Damage: 5
Undead attack against militiaman on n.w. barricade: 16, hit
Damage: 4
Undead attack against militaman on west barricade: 11, miss
Undead attack against militaman on west barricade: 19, hit
Damage: 4
Undead attack against logger on west barricade: 14, hit
Damage: 3
Undead attack against logger on west barricade: 6, miss
Undead attack against logger on west barricade: 15, hit
Damage: 6
Undead attack against logger on west barricade: 11, miss
Undead attack against logger on west barricade: 20, hit
Damage: 6
Undead attack against logger on west barricade: 25, hit
Damage: 5

Wight attacking Alma: 13, miss
Wight attacking Kaberllee: 12, miss
Wight attacking militaman on the n.w. barricade: 19, hit
Damage: 4 + negative level
Militaman’s fort save DC 14: 1, miserable fail
Wight attacking logger on n.w. barricade: 18, hit
Damage: 3 + negative level
Logger’s fort save DC 14: 6, fail
Wight attack against militaman by western barricade: 15, hit
Damage: 2 + negative level
Militaman’s fort save DC 14: 9, fail

Wight save against Flaming sphere, DC 13: 17, successful for 1/2 damage
Damage: 7/2 = 3 points damage

Gregor attack: 22, hit
Damage: 12

Militia attacks against wights: 4 miss, 19 hit, 14 miss, 15 hit, 10 miss
Damage: 5, 6

Logger attack against wight n.w. barricade: 21, hit
Damage: 6

Logger attck against undead n.w. barricade: 15, hit
Damage: 8

Guardsman attack against undead n.w. barricade: 10, miss

Militiaman and loggers on western barricade: 9 miss, 2 miss, 13 miss

T 'Alen - that sucks

The Wight slams his hand into T ’Alens chest and sucks away a portion of his life force. T ’Alen staggers back momentarily from the onslought as Lornal destroys the offending wight.

T ’Alen sensing the ongoing threat of undead through the open house Throws a small sphere of flame through the door of the house ending the threat of undead in that direction

Fortitude save : d20+4 = 10[d20]+3 = 13
Losing level of sorcerer

DC: 17 reflex save

Damage Control

Talton will dismount the barricade and look for anyone who needs healing. If he finds any townsfolk dead he will take the extra precaution of severing heads to prevent animation of new spawns. If the battle looks to be coming to him he will engage the creatures in melee with his mace.

Terrence- Roof Battle
Down and out?

The wights’ eyes open widely as its energy drained body slides down the steep thatching. Clawing franticily at the icy build up with no luck of stopping itself, it disappears out of Terrence’s sight. His attention quickly snaps back at the other wight but luckily, again, it stumbles and struggles to keep its balance and its attack misses the mark. Seeing opportunity in the situation Terrence swings his leg with all his might his cold muscles could muster, in attempt to further the troubles of the stumbling wight and hopefully sweep the wight off its feet and with some luck also fall of the roof like the other.

Improved Trip: D20 + 3[str] + 4[feat bonus] – 4[prone]=16+3+4-4=19 Assumed success!
Melee: D20+9- 4 (prone) + 4 (improved feat) =18+9-4=23 Crit but undead, damn! How does prone vs prone work? lol


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