Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Terrence-Veniset-So it begins...

As people open the doors to see what happened, Terrence sees an opportunity and grabs a few items that were found in the church basement. A couple cure light potions, and fills his quiver with a bunch of white fetched arrows (anything special about these Talton?) and grabs the rest of his gear and disappears into the night. If Talton questions Terrence and his motives, Terrence will simply ask Talton to trust him and will quickly disaappear asap.

Move silently= d20+13=18+13=31 (poof)

Terrence watches Cora disappear into the shadows after their discussion just as screams come from outside the church. As people open the doors to see what happened Terrence sees an opportunity and grabs a few items that were found in the church basement. A couple cure light potions, and fills his quiver with a bunch of white fetched arrows (anything special about these Talton?) and grabs the rest of his gear and disappears into the night.

Terrance meets up with Cora and they discuss strategies and analyze the town as to where the little girl would hang back until she feels the time to show herself. Once a location or two is figured out they will strategize escape plans, planks/ropes to get to the rooftops. They will do this as quickly as possible and while hidden.

Move Silently2=d20+13=16+13=29

Sebastian - The seige of Venist
THey're among us!

Startled only for a moment by the Ranger’s actions, Sebastian quickly unslung his bow and turned in a slow circle scanning for any additional infiltrators. Seeing none he could tell by the murmuring of the gathered villagers that they had not yet assessed the truth of the situation and a different trouble might be brewing. Almost as soon as he’d begun to try to sooth the crowd, The Company’s and the villages holy men came trundling up to the scene bellowing for calm.

After a quick check of the body confirming the experienced warriors’ suspicions Brother Talton began to issue his warning laced orders.

You heard the man! To arms! To arms! Watch for the breath and talk to everyone you see! The enemy is here and possibly among us!

Time to get inspirational!

You fight for your families, you fight for your land.
You fight an enemy who won’t just kill a man.
Stand up for your village, your home,
Stand up for everything you call your own!
Together this village will survive,
Once again you will prosper and thrive!

Allowing a self-amused smile to cross his face he finished…

Bard’s will sing of this night!

The Bard gave a reassuring smile to whomever he passed as he headed to his post. Taking his spot he scanned the dark snowy countryside as far as he could see. Muttering under his breath so none could hear…

Big Bear and The Southern Whore had better hurry…

Full Alert

Talton looks sternly at the pastor.

This is going to get grim. Make sure everyone who isn’t fighting is safe in this church.

He then abruptly orders the boy and a couple of other to continue bringing all the supplies up from the cellar. With determined purpose he stalks outside to assess the situation.

Blinking his eyes through the blinding snowfall and trudging through its accumulation on the ground Talton makes his way over to the body. After a cursory investigation he determines the fact of the matter. He stands up straight and arcs his back slightly to address all villagers in the square.

Citizens of Veniset! It is upon us! This was not a villager going about his business. This was a spawn from hell who had stolen the body of one of your loved ones! We must be vigilant! These creatures are able to walk among us in this horrible weather; but, it will also help us. These creatures don’t breath, these creatures don’t bleed and these creature will not hesitate to kill you and turn you into another spawn from the pits of hell!

Let mighty Pelor guide your hands and mind. Look your companions in the eyes to search for life, make sure your companion’s breath freezes in the air and don’t hesitate to sound the alarm and strike with fury if you don’t see these markers of the living!

Now is the time! To your posts! We must man these walls to make sure nobody but the living get past us! This is our last stand! Now is the time to make sure everybody is secured behind these walls! Demand anyone approaching to state there name and purpose…and then check for signs of life.

If Talton sees any delay of action from the militia he will bellow in his most stern hell and brim-fire voice,

NOW!!! To the WALLS!!!!

With that he will gather T’alen, the mayor, Matrim, and the Pastor.

We must make sure that the rest of the village is secured and that all of the villagers are behind the walls. We can’t risk anymore lives…if people die they become enemies. We are down three men already…good…strong…battle tested men. I’m guessing this wight was just testing our defenses. The real attack will be brutal.

Talton then looks purposefully at the group expecting a response.

A Night in Veniset 4
Blood on the snow




With one fluid motion you draw an arrow, notch it to your bow, pull and release. You repeat the action twice more. The first arrow thuds into the bundled figure’s chest, knocking him back a step. The second drives him to his knees while the third buries deep in his throat, laying him flat on the icy square.

There is a moment of stillness as the men of Veniset look, aghast, comprehension slow to dawn. Dozens of eyes turn to where you stand, the string of your bow still humming a menacing knell.


The choking roar comes from Captain Gregor as he strides forward, looking with disbelief from the corpse to you.


You stand by the bonfire warming your hands, your mind lost to private thoughts. You have finished memorizing what spells you thought necessary for the coming night and now must wait for an opportunity to put your arcane powers to use.

A young village lad, wrapped in a lamb skin cloak runs to your side, his breath issuing about his face in great clouds. In a small voice he bids you to return with him to the church where Terrence claims to have found something useful in the crypts. Turning towards the building you see the first arrow slam into the chest of an approaching man wrapped in winter furs. Looking in the direction that the arrow came from you see Matrim release two more arrows.

Your keen mind works fast as you cast your cloak open, preparing to weave your hands through an offensive spell if necessary. You watch as the figure falls prone on the cold ground, noting that no blood issues from any of the deep wounds. A wight then, you think.

Captain Gregor’s furious words do not catch you off guard. Already you had realized how bad this must look. It is difficult to tell one man from another in their heavy winter dress and Matrim’s assault on the individual seems almost random and unprovoked to those who have not already dealt with these cunning undead. You scan the two score of men stationed about the square, wondering if an others have already breathed their last. For the moment, the real danger seems to lie in regaining the trust of the villagers, for amidst their murmured voices you hear words like, murdered and killed ’im fer no reason.

Terrence and Talton

Talton and Father Sim emerge from the crypt, hauling up another heavy load of gear. Already a formidable stack of arrows and melee weapons have been piled in the chapel. The door to the church bursts open and a young boy runs in, his voice squeaking with excitement:

One o’ the outsiders just feathered a man o’ the village! ’E’s dead in tha’ square! I saw it all.

The boy’s mother drags him over to her pew, bidding him to calm down. Even so, the words draw a rumble through the gathered women.

Father Sim looks to Talton.

Perhaps we should see what has happened. The people are very stressed just now and a misunderstanding could cause a calamity.

Emerging into the square they see Captain Gregor and Mayor Cultiss standing over the body of a bundled man with three arrows buried in him. Several of the village men have gathered nearby, keeping a cautious distance from Matrim and T’alen.

The Logging Camp

Alma removes the restraining hand from Lornaal’s shoulder as the verdict of a fight seems now inevitable. He smiles as he checks his stance, adopting a calm, but ready posture.

I can offer Quarter to any who surrender once enough of you have died to bring clarity to the others…. I make no promise for the restraint of my berserker friend.

Lornaal’s eyes narrow as he watches the loggers approach, waiting for them to get closer before switching his grip on the spear and sending it hurtling towards a burly opponent with an axe. The spear takes the man full in the chest, the tip bursting from his back in a spray of blood. A death scream issues from his lips as the bearded logger falls to the group, mortally wounded.

As Lornaal draws his axe, the crowd of men use the moment to charge forward.

Alma waits for them to draw close before unsheathing his sword and cutting down a pair of men with a single deadly arc of honed steel and blood.

The men, undeterred for the moment, attack with their axes and picks.

While Lornaal is able to turn aside several of the attackers, one thick-chested Grewhanian manages to slip past his defences, his pick biting into the northman’s shoulder and drawing from Lornaal a cry of rage.

Alma fares better, side stepping and blocking the attacks of the loggers who crowd around him. Only Ulof, wielding his axe with an unexpected amount of skill, even comes close to striking Alma. It is only the Cyonian’s quick reflexes that save him from a fearsome injury as he narrowly avoids the blade.

Attacks against Lornaal

8, 15, 10, 21(crit)

1 successful: 6+4+1= 11 damage

Attacks against Alma

16, 12, 8, 22 (Ulof)

0 successful

T 'Alen Undead Attack

T ’Alen’s attention snaps towards the man who just grew three rather odd looking feathered ornaments when Matrim’s warning rings through the town square.

Damn, we were too careless. We should have checked everyone who was coming and going for signs of life. So easy to do in this weather, of course the undead have no need of air, and no way to warm it in their soulless husks even if they did breath it. So much for being the smart one in this company.

T ’Alen backs off towards the church (if the weight is still standing) raising his hands towards the undead fiend, firing three glowing darts of energy as he goes.

Initiative: D20 + 2
[d20] 7 + 2 = 9

Magic Missile(1) d4+1
Magic Missile(2) d4+1
Magic Missile(3) d4+1

[d4] 4 + 1 = 5
[d4] 4 + 1 = 5
[d4] 4 + 1 = 5
Total: 15

Prepping the Church

Spending all of his time in the church bringing all of the weapons from the cellar up (he will commandeer several villagers to help), checking out the crypt to make sure there isn’t another entrance (or exit) and directing the blockading and fortification of the church’s windows and doors. He will make sure one side of the front door is accessible for use; but, will keep barricading material close by in case of an emergency.

Upon closer inspection of the chest from the cellar he is able to determine the purpose of the contents.

  • 10 cure light wound potions (d8+5)
  • 2 bull’s strength potions
  • 4 cure moderate wound potions (2d8+7)
  • 1 oil of magic weapon (+5)
  • 10 create water scrolls
  • 2 comprehend languages scrolls
  • 1 consecrate scroll
  • 4 death ward scrolls
  • 2 restoration scrolls
  • 1 sending scroll

Immediately recognizing the benefit of the cache he grabs the scrolls and then takes the potions to distribute to The Company.

As soon as he hears the call of alarm Talton races out the door telling everyone to bunker in the church and to stay alert.

HP 36 AC 20

Initiative 18

Alma - Thats a Barbarian

I can offer Quarter to any who surrender once enough of you have died to bring clarity to the others…. I make no promise for the restraint of my berserker friend.

Alma smiles as he delivers this unpleasant news to the soon to be dead loggers. The smile is false… Alma had hoped this sort of resolution would not be necessary, but had steeled himself for it long before arriving at the camp. Perhaps If the barbarian can calm himself a handful can be saved.

It of course never even occurs to Alma that they could lose this fight… self doubt simply isn’t in his nature… These people bleed.

Alma will wait until the first opponents close within striking distance then quick draw his sword and cut hard hoping to fell 2 enemy’s in one mighty blow.

Attack(2pt power attack): Roll(1d20)8:
Possible Crit: Roll(1d20)8:
Assuming confirmed
Damage: Roll(4d6)22:

Cleave Attack:Roll(1d20)8:
Damage: Roll(2d6)11:

AC: 24
HP: 43

Matrim - Veniset 3

The howling winds and blinding snow blanket the town in white. The villagers work hard and fast to erect barricades and defenses as planned. Matrim helped and acknowledged the townspeople wherever he could within the town square. The unknown answer to the reoccurring question in Matrim’s mind: how long would Kandure need? Matrim hoped they would be able to defend the villagers as long as needed until reinforcements arrived.

Scanning the town square, Matrim looked for something else to help with. He watched the boy search out and head over to speak with T’alen. Turning his attention from the two, Matrim had the realization that one of the men was out of place, though nothing odd seemed to be apparent at first glance. Breath. As awareness dawned on him, Matrim sprung into action, fletching of an arrow drawing to cheek as he bellowed alarm.

HP – 49
AC – 19

Moving forward, Matrim will do rapid shot at the undead creature , yelling that the undead are here

Attack 1: 18(d20) 13(base) +2(weapon) +1(focus) -2(Rapid Shot) = 32
Damage 1: 7(d8)
3 = 10

Attack 2: 16(d20) 8(base 2nd attack) +2(weapon) +1(focus) -2(Rapid Shot) = 25
Damage 2: 4(d8)
3 = 7

Attack 3: 18(d20) 13(base rapid shot) +2(weapon) +1(focus) -2(Rapid Shot) = 32
Damage 3: 6(d8)
3 = 9

Initiative: 13(d20) +10 = 23

Cora - ....

Cora grabs Terrance by the arm firmly.

Terrance this isn’t a game nor is it going to be pleasant. You are going to have to hold fast as these Wight run through this town as our companions try with all their might to fend them off and we can’t do a thing but watch and wait. We must wait for the little girl to decide to make her move and when she does we will make our and it has to be fast and accurate. Cause if we fail our companions will certainly follow. There won’t be time for foolish sentiment here. Our goal is simple stop the little girl. nothing else.

Cora releases Terrance’s arm and heads for the nearest exit.

Now they will be upon is soon we need to hide ourselves and wait.


Waiting for T’alen………..tap tap tap goes my toe.

Terrence hears what Cora says and he believes the plan has good logic behind it. Having little faith in the company is a bit disheartening but she has seen these creatures battle and trusts she knows what she speaks and is planning for worst case.

Yes, of course, I am with you little one. You would surely die without my help (winks) and I can’t have that weighing on me. I am waiting here for T’alen to figure out what these items are and to see if any are magical. I will grab what I can to aid us. Give me a short time to grab my belongings and some supplies and I will vanish. Name a place and I will meet you there halfling.

As Terrence and Cora discuss where to meet a cold thought runs through his head.

What if I fall? Will these hell beasts know the Companies plan as I do now?

Shivers run up Terrences’ spine as images of the creatures avoiding the traps and slaughtering unsuspecting friends and allies.

Terrance places his hand on the shoulders of the small halfling.

I have risked the lives of our group by telling you the plans of the company and their allies, as you have risked yours by telling me. If we do this, we have to ensure that neither one of us will fall to the beasts, and if that means one of us putting an arrow into the others brain, so be it. Just dont be too hasty lil one.

Terrence lets that soak in.

If Cora still decides this is the best course of action then Terrence will prepare. Terrence will grab some white fletched arrows (quiver worth), holy symbols (2) and holy water and any scrolls he figure would be helpful, if possible. Load up all his belongings and leave a note saying he simply doesn’t want to die and is very afraid and had to leave.


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