Telmond Drek

An old to middle aged man with dark red hair and a jaunty spring to his step.


A short lithe man who remain impeccably dresses whether wearing common garb or the silks and satins of the nobility. Though easily past his prime in age his hair is dark red and the lines on his face dance into impish mischief whenever they bear down on you. His voice has a lilting ring to it that tend to put others at ease; but, he always seems to have one toe pointing toward the closest exit.


Telmond is a rogue, and he will tell it to your face. He specializes in the long con. He loves to ingratiate himself into a noble house and work them for everything they are worth.

While attending a big soiree in Fairngo, the last of the fall season, he noticed a brash young man working the crowd like a street vendor. Sure, he had the small-house polish of a practiced under-lord; but, he lacked the finesse of an artist. Horrifically, he was going for the bait and switch, and snatch and grab, pocketing silverware, frames, stoles, and a whole store-full of quick-fence items.

Telmond decided it was well past the time to accept an apprentice: so he did, a young Terrence Hornwood.

Telmond Drek

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