Peter Frund

Doughy and jowly with thin hair, bulging eyes and several chins


The heavy-set, bumbling mayor of Tundrein is easily in his fifties. He constantly worries at the thin hair that is plastered to his skull. While kindly and affable, Pete is always eager to conclude business on terms favourable to himself or his village. He is a shrewd negotiator with contacts throughout many of the surrounding villages.

In combat he wields a bronze ancestral blade that otherwise adorns his mantel.


Peter Frund is a merchant and the leading citizen of the small village of Tundrein. The father of eight children-all but the youngest of which have married and established their own households-he lost his wife to a fever many years ago.

His greatest treasure is his youngest daughter, Brianna. It is in her that Peter swears the elven heritage that he boasts of is most apparent.

During the wight attack on Tundrein, Pete fought bravely at the side of Alma Errante and Cora Higglemoor. He barely survived the battle and still shows signs of the terrible draining attacks of the wights.

Peter Frund

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