Intense and disconcerning, the elderly human stares right into your soul.


With a balding crown, Liberious wears his ash white hair long and unkempt. Wearing only a simple robe and no shoes he moves about like a drunken snake: smooth and sure, but erratic with intensity. When he speaks it is similar. Most people can’t tell whether he is having a conversation with them or himself. He drifts out of tense and person, and will answer his own thoughts.


Being introduced to T’alen didn’t do much for Liberious. He liked his seclusion. But, after a few years the kid came in handy…and started to have some interesting conversations. Mostly he just needed to work on his focus and control…the rest will follow. He saw no need to continue his book magic; but T’alen insisted. So, after a while Liberious showed T’alen his hidden library of rare tomes. He finally had to kick the kid out of the door to see the world…I mean how else was he gonna learn?


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