The grizzled man with keen eyes has clearly spent a great deal of time out of doors.


It is difficult to determine Kandure’s age, though it can be certain that he has spent most of his days out of doors. Spare and weathered he moves with purpose, seeming utterly comfortable in the wild. His eyes are clear and narrow, usually scanning the horizon or fixing one with a knowing look.

He is accompanied by a shaggy grey wolf named Loqutore that is unusually calm and obedient.


Kandure is a bit of a mystery. He is known to run a trapline somewhere south of the village of Tundrein. He spends little enough time at the village, preferring the solitude of the wild. Some say that Kandure holds very closely with the old religions, having contact with several druidic circles.

Whatever his beliefs, the woodsman aids in the protection of the village of Tundrein, training several young men in martial matters.


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