A short, red headed Brauman woman with a high brow and a haughty gaze.


Kaberllee is a short woman not thin, but not heavy. She bears herself with a quiet dignity that speaks of confidence in her knowledge and abilities. Her age is difficult to determine, for though her skin has few of the creases and weathering of age, her hazel eyes have a wisdom that only comes with time and experience. For those who do not know her, Kaberllee can come off as haughty. From the common folk of the Northreach she expects deference for her position and authority. She has little time for those who practice the Peloric faiths, believing that in the worship of one deity and His few chosen agents, that they have blinded themselves to many other facets of the world.

She is usually accompanied by a burly black bear companion named Khiya, with whom she shares a special bond.


Kaberllee was offered to the druidesses of the Order of the Sacred Oak as a toddler and grew from her youngest years to be a warden of the old ways. She has a keen mind and was always receptive to the teachings of those around her. In time she became a full member of the circle, travelling widely to minister to those who keep the green ways and perform the ceremonies and rites at the change of seasons and the passing of the year.

As with all of the druidesses of the Order of the Sacred Oak, Kaberllee has been trained to defend herself and the grove. While she has been known to wade into danger with little but a cudgel in defence of the Llwyar, it is her skill with druidic magic and shape changing that make her a true force to be reckoned with.

Like many druids, Kaberllee developed a close bond with an animal companion, in her case a large sow black bear which she calls Khiya.


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