Brianna Frund

A slender, beautiful Brauman girl just entering womanhood


A lovely blond woman whose large eyes and glowing features belie her elfin blood. She is graceful in her movements, demure in nature and compassionate for those around her.


Brianna is the youngest daughter of the mayor of Tundrein, Peter Frund. She is the last of his children yet unmarried and the only one to still live under his roof. Having lost her mother some years earlier, Brianna is grown very close to her father. She cares for him, doing many of the household chores with a tireless energy and positive attitude.

During the wight attack on Tundrein Brianna was rescued by the adventurer Alma Errante. Having met few travellers from the south, she is intrigued by the dashing bravery and good looks of the Cyonian warrior.

Brianna Frund

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