Augustine of House Allistare

A slightly graying man of stout upright bearing awash with the instruments of war and magic.


The first thing you notice about Augustine is that he tends to carry a lot with him. Even during domestic days, this Court Mage to the House Allistare brandishes a sword, a cane, several scroll cases, and pouches filled with the mysterious ingredients of magic. Any time he is speaking to someone he is very attentive and never speaks over their words. He chooses his words very carefully.


Finding the young boy T’alen as a survivor of a goblin raid, Augustine decided to take pity on the boy. He dressed him and fed him and learned of the woes of this young child. Firming his mind he sent him back to the manor house to be put to work in the kitchen until he was old enough to hold a weapon…for the boy had spirit. Much spirit indeed! When he saw T’alen’s latent talent and his quick mind at work, Augustine, tore him out of his morning drills and aprenticed him on the spot. It was good to have an apprentice…you tend to learn just as much as you teach and it was a sad day when he realized that he just didn’t have the knowledge that T’alen required.

After a goodly number of years Augustine sent T’alen to an old friend: Liberious.

Augustine of House Allistare

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