Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Tundrein Battle, Round 7


Alma and Cora

_Peter Frund_

Peter stumbles backwards, barely managing to keep his feet after the draining attack from the undead Zeke. It is a shuddering whimper from Brianna that draws him back into action. Lunging forward he plunges his blade into the chest of the creature before him. Though the blade slides freely through the atrophied flesh of his one-time friend, it does little to hamper it.

Zeke considers the blade for a moment before speaking:

I’m going to tear the flesh from yer bones, Pete.

Zeke bubbles in a hollow, rasping voice that is a shadow of his former bombastic tone.

Attack: 16
Damage: 2


Fighting a growing sense of desperation, you swing your mighty blade in another vicious arc. This time the gore-covered frame of the undead girl is unable to withstand the blow. The blade cleaves through her neck, sending her head spinning while the mutilated body tumbles into the pile of guts at its feet. You lean all of your weight into the swing, keeping the momentum as the blade slices into the next undead. The keen edge bites through the shoulder of the next creature, severing its arm and nearly knocking it to the ground.

You are surprised to hear the undead Zeke speak, but the lingering malevolence in the eyes of your foes clearly means that they still bear some intelligence. Even if it governed by the blackest of impulses.

You spare a glance down the street to see the figure by the well getting slowly to its feet. It has unmistakably joined the ranks of the non-living. Its eyes search the streets hungrily, looking for a fresh victim. The thing takes a dozen lurching steps in your direction as it shakes off the rictus before it finds its stride and approaches quickly, swinging in a wide arc as though it were attempting to outflank you.

Attack #1: 20
Damage: 15

Cleave Attack: 15
Damage: 18


Sensing that the town is doomed you scramble over the roof of the mayor’s house and begin lowering yourself down the back wall. The farmyard is well lit by the inferno that is consuming the barn. The back door is open and you know that the rest of your gear is tucked into the small bathroom just inside.

You are perhaps half way down the wall when a commotion in the inn-yard draws your attention. The back door of the inn bursts open and the middle-aged proprietor-a kindly, handsome woman named Bess- bolts through it, screaming and whimpering. She wears only her nightshirts and her hair is in a wild disarray.

She looks over her shoulder, shrieking wordlessly as a pair of men charge out of the door. Both have the same withered look and hungry pose as the undead in the street.

C’mon Bessy! Gives us a kiss!

Sobbing, the innkeeper manages to make it to the gate at the back of the yard, but as she fumbles with the latch you realize that she will quickly be overtaken.

The ground is just five feet below you now, and you are easily able to drop into the shadows. The high fence between Pete’s yard and the inn yard blocks your view of Bess and means that the undead are not likely to see you.


Zeke, slapping aside the blade that Pete brandishes once more slams his fists into the portly mayor. Peter shrieks as more of his life force is drawn from him. Colour leeches from his thin hair and his jowly skin grows whitish and loose.

By contrast, the undead Zeke appears to drink in Pete’s essence, growing straighter and stronger each time.

The one-armed creature before Alma, stares stupidly at its severed stump before lashing out at one of the mirror images in a fit of anger. It’s aim is clumsy, however, and it misses the mark as the mirror image dances away. It peers at the many duplicates around it, searching for the right one.

Terrible sounds fill the night in the village of Tundrein. Screams and the sounds of struggle waft from several directions. The thick-necked man who had thrown wide his shudders moments ago reaches out to slam them shut. Whether he will hold up in his home, attempt to flee the village with his family or make the choice to join those battling this scourge has yet to be seen. The same choices lay before you, as well.

What do you do?

Tundrein battle round 7


The dark blue dot is Alma and the lighter blue are his mirror images. Yellow is Peter, turqois Brianna, red Cora, pink Bess and black the undead. If you need anything else, let me know.

Tundrein Battle, Round 7
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